Polk Signature Elite ES15 - Great Sound For All

Hi-Res Audio Certified and accessibly priced, Signature Elite ES15 fulfils the Polk promise of great sound for all.

Enjoy movies, music and gaming with high-resolution room-filling cinematic sound and effortless bass. Polk’s high-performance, wall-mountable ES15 compact bookshelf loudspeaker features a Dynamically Balanced acoustic array, precision crossovers and Power Port bass enhancing technology.


Signature Elite Series - Five Decades of American Loudspeaker Engineering by Polk Audio

Signature Elite Series is the culmination of five decades of Polk’s premium loudspeaker engineering and were designed at their original Acoustic Research and Development facility in Owings Mills, Maryland.



  • Great sound for every room
  • Enjoy powerful low end with less distortion
  • 1" Terylene high-resolution dome tweeters
  • 5.25" Dynamic Balance optimized, mica-fortified, polypropylene woofers
  • Newly developed precision crossover networks
  • Power Port technology maximizes bass response
  • Flexible placement: shelf, stand or wall-mount
  • Compatible with a wide range of amplifiers or receivers
  • Built to last and includes a 5-year warranty
  • Engineered and designed by Polk Audio in the USA
  • Available in Black or Walnut finishes
  • Stands sold separately 


Make Your Entire Home Theatre the Sweet Spot

Whether you use ES15 as front or surround speakers (or both), you’ll experience a seamless, lifelike soundstage no matter where you’re seated thanks to Signature Elite ES15's Dynamically Balanced acoustic array with phase-optimized precision crossovers and timbre-matched components.

Hear More Detail in Music and Movies You Love

ES15’s Hi-Res Audio Certified, Terylene dome tweeters provide crystalline highs (40kHz+) ideal for enjoying high-resolution music from services like Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Music HD, Qobuz and Spotify HiFi, along with the soundtracks of the latest ultra-HD movies.

From Vintage Hi-Fi to Dolby Atmos & DTS:X

ES15 delivers spacious, clear, enveloping and realistic sound reproduction from nearly any amplifier or receiver—whether 4- or 8-ohm, vintage audiophile or the latest Dolby Atmos or DTS:X surround sound AVRs.

Custom Mica-Fortified Woofers

Signature Elite loudspeakers use an innovative mica-fortified polypropylene woofer providing clean, clear bass and detailed midrange. Their butyl rubber surround, ceramic motor structure and high-temperature Conex fibre spider culminate in a best-in-class driver offering exceptionally high efficiency, lower distortion, enhanced linearity, and durability.

Dynamic Balance Acoustic Array with Phase-Optimized Precision Crossovers

All Polk Signature Elite models use Dynamically Balanced driver designs which are optimized to reduce distortion at the extremes of excursion, resulting in greater impact and lower distortion when playing today's high-resolution source material. These new driver designs are mated to newly refined precision crossover networks to provide a seamless, lifelike soundstage with maximum dynamics for all modern sources.

Thoughtfully Designed and Built

The ES15 speakers are designed for you to hear pure sound the way the director, producer or artist intended. The ES15's anti-diffraction, magnetic grille minimizes sonic interference and can be easily removed to provide a striking look. Gold-plated five-way binding posts ensure the most direct, efficient, and lossless connection possible.

Effortless Bass with less Distortion

Power Port is a Polk-patented design that smoothly transitions the airflow from the speaker’s port into the listening area to eliminate turbulence and distortion for louder, deeper, more musical bass and a more open and transparent midrange. When paired with the ES15’s 5.25” woofer, that means effortless bass you can feel.

Rigidity Equals Purer Sound

Signature Elite loudspeakers feature new stronger, more rigid and acoustically inert Medite MDF enclosures that were refined through numerous revisions, subjected to extensive laser vibrometer testing, and then carefully reinforced to ensure optimal bracing and critical damping. Their resulting non-resonant construction has reduced unwanted internal standing waves, minimizing audible colouration versus the previous Signature Elite. Removable, magnetic anti-diffraction grilles round out the offering to ensure listeners only hear the source material, not the speaker cabinet.



Total Frequency Response
48Hz - 40kHz

Max Sensitivity
88dB (1 watt @ 1 metre)

Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel
20 watts - 100 watts

Compatible with 8-ohm outputs

Crossover Frequency
2,500 Hz

1x 1" (2.54 cm) Terylene High-Res Dome Tweeter
1x 5.25" (13.34 cm) Dynamic Balance Mica Reinforced Polypropylene Driver Mid/Woofer

Speaker Inputs
(1) Pair of 5-way Binding Posts - Gold Plated

On-Wall Mounting
Keyhole Hanger

30.48 cm (12")

19.05 cm (7.5")

26.04 cm (10.25")

5.9 kg (13 lbs)


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