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Every product is modular to guarantee the maximum flexibility. Each way you’ll decide to undertake, your rack will follow you and evolve with you.

We’ll never promise miracles. A rack, first of all it’s a furniture but every product is tested with care, from packaging up to the accelerometric analysis. Nothing is left to chance.

We’re on the market from 2009 and the international experience reached during these years, helped us in only seven years, to bring our brand in more than 35 countries around the world.

We select with care our partners to guarantee accuracy, short lead time and after sales service without compromise.


Quality is a key element in determining the success of a product and of the company that produces it: this is why we never accept compromises.
Excellence is our goal, our passion and our pride. We take meticulous care at every stage of our production, from the design to the choice of the materials.
We strive for perfection in our constant quest for product improvement, even down to the smallest of details. Nothing is left to chance.



We are proud to be Italian. The genius of the Italian tradition has marked the history of cult objects of desire still admired and appreciated all around the world.
Bassocontinuo follows this Italian legacy. Aesthetics is one of our key values. Our products are reliable, functional and extremely durable.


Our design combines functionality with appearance, focusing particularly on ergonomics, practicality and aesthetics.
Our products are characterized by clean lines and extreme simplicity, the design is the key element.
Developed and applied from the structure to the choice of materials, this process results in beautiful, high performance and practical products.


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