Our Windsor Store

Hi Hamish,

Just a quick note to let you know Peter and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you yesterday and the time we shared together. It was memorable.

Thanks for your advice about the best way to go, for our first time down the track, of ‘Hi Fi digital music wireless streaming.’ Your advice was invaluable.

Our new Bluesound ‘system’ was up and running successfully last night and sounds unbelievably good.
We’ve invested in a new Samsung 8” tablet to use exclusively with the Bluesound and Tidal apps.
And so far, better than ‘so good.’

Right now as I’m writing this, we’re listening to Fleetwood Mac and surprisingly not Pink Floyd, on Tidal Masters. Just Fantastic.

Once again thanks for looking after us yesterday, it was thoroughly enjoyable. Looking forward to seeing you and sharing time again in the not too distant future.

All the best,

Chris (and Peter)

Many thanks for the superb service, I am so appreciative. As an absolute novice when it comes to Audio/Home Theater, and I told you that. You guided me through in such an informative, respectful and professional way, I won't ever forget that.

I am delighted with my choice of the system you set me up with, as opposed to the brand that I had originally contemplated.

I would also really appreciate you forwarding this note onto your Directors, they should know how incredibly good you are, actually, they probably already know that, but let them know my feed-back anyway.

Have a great holiday, and again, thanks for helping out someone like me who is totally lost in your world of Audio.

Best wishes Tony, cheers mate, what a wonderful Ambassador for Klapp Audio you are.

Chris Blair

Dear Michael,


A quick note to thank yourself and Jim for all of your assistance in "settling in" the screens and hardware, as well as programming my home for operation. Your approach to "coaching" me was most appreciated and I am now comfortable with the operation of all the products I had installed.

With kind regards,

Calleb Neygen

Attn: Human Resources Manager

I would like to acknowledge the excellent ongoing personal support service I have received from Conrad at the Just Klapp Windsor (Prahran) store.

Since purchasing a NAD M5 CD/SACD player from Just Klapp in June 2007, I have had to return it for repairs on three separate occasions, in two years. The most recent being in February of this year. In no way do I hold Just Klapp responsible for this. On the contrary, I cannot praise highly enough the support that Conrad provided me over this time. Ultimately his advice and unstinting assistance paid off as Audio Products Group have replaced the unit with a new one.

Conrad's unfailing courteous manner, his professional advice and his support do your company proud. It is a rare occurrence to find somebody who is prepared to offer such a high level of customer support. I would like it placed on record my deep appreciation for his work in assiting to resolve this matter is a most satisfactory way.

Yours Faithfully,

Graeme Guy

Mark, You definitely have an order coming for 17 speakers as your price is competitive. 

By the way your Management would be very pleased to know that you have been far and away the most prompt of all the people I have communicated to in responding to my requests for prices,and you have also demonstrated the most superior product knowlege and been very easy and reassuring to deal with. 

Others who remain nameless ,just don`t seem to have the product knowledge and add confusion and frustration to the exercise by trying to suggest that I buy something else, ostensibly because it is better quality or value, but more likely because they are not competitive on what I want;don`t stock what I want; or make a better margin from alternatives. 

Well done on your part. You have represented your company with great credit. 


Barry Alty

Dear Sean and Mark,

Please find enclosed my gift to you. You helped me and made it possible for me to get the last ever Rotel RA045E Amplifier. You made me very happy and proud to know that their are still 'bonza' people in the world!


Ian Robinson

From our online customers

Hi Marc,

it all looks good - thanks for the excellent service. 

Richard Gower

From customers to our old Dandenong & Footscray stores

Hello Dale

It is now just on three weeks since I purchased the Pioneer DVD Player DV-LX50 and during that time I have had time to evaluate it after a period of "Running in" the unit - and its fair to say that I am satisfied with its performance which is in accordance with your recommendation. 

This is just a quick note to express my appreciation for the assistance you gave me in helping me to choose the Pioneer which we discussed on Monday 30th. March, which eventuated with me phoning in a deposit after returning home to give further consideration to the matter - and then returning on the following Wednesday to finalise the purchase with David Walsh. 

The main purpose in writing is to express my appreciation of the technical expertise that you exhibited together with an apparent honesty in suggesting other alternative brand products for consideration. I have been a member of the Melbourne Audio Club for 30 odd years which doesn't necessarily make me a Hi Fi expert but has given me the ability to appreciate the kind of service that you presented to me.

Thank You 

William (Bill) Gillespie of The Patch in the Dandenongs

Thank you so much to the Dandenong “Just Klapp” team especially David Walsh, for making our purchase of a home entertainment system a painless and enjoyable experience. The quality, price and value was excellent. Your customer support is extremely professional before, during and after installation. Your products are simple and intuitive even for first time users. 

Thank you again for all your help and support. We will definitely be referring you more business.

Mark and Debbie Welsh (Berwick)

To David & Chris,

Charlie and I would like to thanks you for your after sales service. You have both been very helpful and polite when we have called upon you. We have highly recommended you to friends for great service, not to mention great products.

Thank you,

Josie & Charlie Accetta

To potential customers of Just Klapp,

I recently had the pleasure of doing business with David and Dale at Just Klapp.

Both provided friendly service taking time to understand my requirements. Once my requirements were understood a couple of targeted options were discussed and demonstrated.

There was no push to buy or make any form of commitment. These guys love what they do. David and Dale can provide advice on the lowest level of technical detail. Don’t be worried about this as these guys can talk at what ever level of experience you have in the AV world.

I could not recommend them highly enough, it was a pleasure to deal with people where there business is also their passion.


Phil O’Brien
Aplhington, VIC


Just a quick e-mail to let you know that your advice worked wonders. My hi fi hasn't sounded better, and I'm re-visiting my entire music collection.

Thanks also for your and the team's professionalism and patience.

Continue with the great service and I'll continue coming back. Highly recommended.



Hi Peter,

Just thought I'd let you know my impressions of the recently acquired Kimber 4 VS cables.

Compared to my original speaker cables (Aerpro AP 491 OFC speaker cable purchased from JB Hi Fi) this really is a case of chalk and cheese. The Kimbers are more dynamic, with better sound staging and much tighter in the base - with no detrimental effect on the top end.  The overall effect is a much smoother sound and much more 'listenable' through the klipsch speakers (RB61 reference stand mounts - purchased approx 4 years ago). The reduction in upper mid-range harshness is noticeably improved. 

All in all a significant improvement for a small financial outlay.  I would highly recommend them to anyone using the above brand of speakers and probably worth trying with other brands of unsympathetic speakers.

Thank you for steering me in the right direction and for all you assistance.


Dear Just Klapp,

I would like to thank David Buzari for his outstanding knowledge and assistance in home theatre, I have walked away from this exercise with a sense of charm, after having researched many products before considering buying my home theatre. David is the only sales person that I came across that I can really say "know's his stuff". My complete home theatre system was in excess of $25K. The result is nothing short of perfect harmony. On talking with severeal other "high-end" retailers, David was the only salesperson that truly understood building a realtionship amongst the right combination of products.

Anyone considering home theatre, should, without hesitation, talk with David and utilize his expertise in creating a "harmonious" solution through the right combination of products.

Thank you David and Just Klapp for many years of enjoyment to come.

John Galea

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