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Canton has been offering perfect surround sound with minimal time and effort since 2007 with its systems from the digital movie series (DM 1 and DM 2). Virtual surround is the key word, and it results in a great home theater with very little effort - in maximum listening pleasure with minimal installation. A surround center (DM 1) or two satellites (DM 2) - each according to taste - completes the high-performance subwoofers. Sound lovers are thus presented with a fully active 2.1 music and home theater system. As the heart of the system, the subwoofer possesses all of the control electronics, including the audio-interface. The DM 1 and DM 2 virtual surround systems produce a rich sound field using only two or three components, which in the past could only be achieved by 5.1 systems. To achieve this, the individual channels of a multi-channel receiver are frequency-specific processed using a special technique; they are merged into two channels in such a manner that it creates a spacious surround-sound impression. Highlights of the system include: a fully active 2.1 music and home theater system, a practical plug-and-play solution, an adaptive remote control, a system-integrated FM tuner and the 350 watts multi-channel amplifier.

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