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Founded in 1991 amidst the ongoing rise and rise of CDs, Pro-Ject Audio Systems took a different path, one that was viewed with skepticism from many in the industry at the time. Founded with the goal of providing top-tier analogue audio experiences at affordable prices, Pro-Ject invested in turntables at a time when digital formats reigned supreme. Flying in the face of the widely held belief that vinyl was outdated and obsolete, Pro-Ject's founder, Heinz Lichtenegger, remained steadfast in his conviction that turntables were the best way to enjoy music.

At Pro-Ject, we strive to make the wonderful world of high quality audio accessible to as many people as possible by delivering an authentic stereo experience at an affordable price, regardless of budget. Our belief is that the best starting point for achieving this goal is with a proper turntable. We empower our customers to choose what they need, without burdening our products with unnecessary features. Our focus is on creating exceptional products with unparalleled value, using the best possible components no matter the price point. We manufacture all of our turntables by hand in our European factories.

The Pro-Ject you know today began its first major chapter with an outstanding review of the Pro-Ject 1, our first turntable, at a time when turntables were thought to be a dying medium. With growing popularity and interest, more and more international distributors began to make Pro-Ject turntables available across the globe. Today we ship into more than 80 countries world-wide and are thrilled to share some of our passion for music with every customer.

We produce all our turntables from scratch in the Czech Republic and Germany, by hand and in-house. From the tiniest screw to the chassis, everything is done by our own skilled technicians. A strict four-step quality control process ensures that everything functions as intended.

We manufacture our micro high end audio components in our Slovakian factory. By designing products with a smaller footprint, we’re able to reduce costs and offer our customers an excellent price-to-performance ratio. We pride ourselves on making products that bear long-lasting value and give our customers satisfaction in all their audio endeavours.

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