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Designed & Handcrafted in Greece

Handcrafted electronic audio devices designed to approach the original music. Natural sound reproduction rich of emotions and vividness.

Lab12 is a state-of-the-art high end manufacturer founded in 2012 by Stratos Vichos, an electronic engineer with expertise in audio designing for over 20 years and a deeply progressive vision for our beloved industry.

Minimal approach with symmetry and practical design, engineered to the final detail.

Our portfolio is growing by the month and we’re able to serve the growing needs of the high-end audio industry and contemporary audiophiles with more sophisticated devices, where technology never gets in the way of the music.

We believe that the emotional impact and an engaging performance are the most important factors when we listen to a piece of music. We are making designing choices striving for the most natural, realistic and pure sound reproduction.

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