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Hi-Fi Simplified

Geneva Sound Systems are designed and engineered for simplicity, style – and, most importantly, great sound. They project a “striking” (Sound & Vision) stereo image with their patented technology. No matter where the listener is in the room, the Geneva system projects a solid three-dimensional sound image that is high, wide, and deep. “Even when I am seated approximately 70 degrees off-axis to the unit, it delivers an expansive sound-stage and terrific stereo separation,” says The Robb Report.

Geneva Sound Systems project a stereo image in a more uniform manner throughout the whole room, thus avoiding the process of determining an optimal sweet spot. Wherever the listener is in the room, with Geneva Sound System, the distance to the right and to the left speaker is the same, thus maintaining a good stereo image throughout a room.

Geneva Sound Systems allow the listener to get up and move around the room, to enjoy a system that is easy to use and versatile. Geneva Sound Systems are a family of products, with different sizes and finishing options, that fit into your room design and your lifestyle. Unlike the constraints of conventional stereo, Geneva Sound Systems don’t require you to rearrange your life around your sound system.

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