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For 30 years we’ve been doing what we started out doing: Making horn loudspeakers out of a passion for music and sound – only better and better.

Our factory is located in Reichenbach, near Darmstadt, in the Odenwald region of Germany. It is here that we carefully handcraft our horn loudspeakers and amplifiers, which we ship to over 60 countries around the world.

Our vision is to make the best loudspeakers in the world – and we are convinced that the only way to do this is to make horn loudspeakers.

To produce perfect, modern yet timeless loudspeakers that will last for decades.

They give their listeners goose bumps and an unforgettable musical experience that surpasses even the most demanding audiophile standards.

Our aim is to provide decades of listening pleasure, at the highest level and always at the cutting edge of technology.

All components are designed for extreme stress and durability. Only the highest quality materials are used and assembled with the utmost care to create an exceptional speaker. Each speaker undergoes 32 tests and quality checks before it leaves our factory.

G3 stands for “Generation 3”, the successor and next step up from the Avantgarde Acoustic XD series. Starting with the original Generation 1 models in 1993, this is the second time in thirty years that the German horn manufacturer has completely renewed their products and technologies. One of the standout new technologies of this new generation is the iTRON (optional) fully active modules, an option that turns the speakers into High End plug and play systems.

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