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Wilson Benesch is a manufacturer of high end audio loudspeakers and turntables for domestic and professional use, based in Sheffield, England. The company manufactures its components from raw materials under one roof on high precision CNC plant and equipment and precision dedicated moulding technologies.

Founded in 1989, Wilson Benesch is located in the heart of England's industrial manufacturing, Sheffield. The company collaborates with scientists and engineers from Universities and advanced manufacturing organisations. The company manufactures all of its components from raw materials. The company has developed unique manufacturing technologies to process raw carbon fibre and resin systems as well as Pre preg systems and high temperature P.E.T. molten matrix systems to realise complex structures that are highly optimised in terms of specific stiffness. These systems are ideally suited to audio structures being Low mass, High stiffness, anisotropic, intrinsically self-damping structures. Other notable materials that have been exploited include the isotactic polypropylene that was developed in collaboration with the physicist Ian Ward of Leeds University who first formulated it. The development resulted in the world's first multi role drive unit, manifest as a Clamshell Isobaric system.

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