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Your home is as individual as you are. Every room has its own unique purpose and is defined by its size, lighting, colour and acoustic qualities. Every room is its own world. We add a further dimension to this world: acoustic bliss!

To achieve this, sonoro audio develops music systems that are designed to match the specific needs of each room. In the bedroom you want the perfect sound to get your day off to a good start, energising beats for the bathroom, the day’s news on the kitchen radio and for your living room you want a high-end, multifunctional stereo system that has the capacity to turn your home into a concert hall in an instant.

We bring together all of the qualities you would expect from a premium sound system and present these in a hand-finished, high-gloss wooden casing. We thus create designer music systems that are not only developed to fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality and user comfort, but also respect the individuality of your home.

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