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Advance Paris, the French manufacturer of High Fidelity components presents their latest products designed for demanding music lovers.




Advance Paris has been specialising in high-fidelity components since 1995.

All Hi-Fi solutions are designed in the French headquarters and successfully distributed globally. This enables the manufacturer to hire highly qualified engineers to design the best possible Hi-Fi products, produce them according to the highest quality standards and then offer them with a most favourable price tag.


Advance Paris, formerly acting under the Advance Acoustic brand name, is a manufacturer of premium Hi-Fi solutions and offer an unparalleled ratio between price and performance. The Hi-Fi products that are produced by this French manufacturer can easily compete with the many premium brands in today’s high-end audio market. Due to the more favourable price point, Advance Paris' solutions are suitable for a wide range of music enthusiasts.

Since its foundation in 1995, the manufacturer has proven that this philosophy works out like it was intended. It is not without reason that Advance Paris' solutions are widely adopted by Hi-Fi enthusiasts worldwide and have been praised by the international Hi-Fi press for many years.


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