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Since its first outing in the late 1980s, Micromega range has included what is claimed to be the first top-loading CD player and in the following year the first separate two-box transport/DA converter combination.

Now, after a gap of several years, the company is back with a re-organised leadership and design team, a new range of products.

The company is still based in Paris France and is now headed up by one-time motorcycle-racing champion Didier Hamdi. He has since reconstituted the design team under the company's original founder Daniel Schar.

The company currently designs and builds a full line of electronics from CD players, Streamers  to amplification, in the last few years they have taken a distinct interest in wireless technology and its incorporation into high-end audio playback in the home without compromise.

Klapp Audio Visual  has a great range of Micromega electronics that will impress, let the French Panache tantalize your  ears…MADE IN FRANCE!

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