RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each

The Klipsch RCC-102-BTS Home Theatre Speaker is a unique model that allows you to hide a real sound barrier behind a trans-sound screen...

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  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each
  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each
  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each
  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each
  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each
  • RCC-102-BTS LCR Speaker Each

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The Klipsch RCC-102-BTS Home Theatre Speaker is a unique model that allows you to hide a real sound barrier behind a trans-sound screen with a width of between 2.6 and 2.8 meters . 

This product is 1 x LCR speaker only.

From the Behind The Screen range of the American manufacturer, the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR combines in a single system three LCR speakers with 38 cm speaker and mid-high compression , as well as two base boxes with  high - 45 cm diameter speaker. This set provides unrivaled performance worthy of the best movie theaters.

Klipsch RCC-102-BTS: triple LCR speaker 

The Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR cinema loudspeaker consists of five different loudspeakers including three LCR loudspeakers for reproduction of the front right and left channels, as well as the central. These three LCR loudspeakers are equipped with the same loudspeakers in order to guarantee the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR loudspeaker perfect tonal consistency and homogeneous reproduction. Each LCR loudspeaker of the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR thus benefits from a long excursion woofer 38 cm in diameter. Its fiber membrane is coupled to an oversized coil 10 cm in diameter to ensure dynamic reproduction and impulse response flawless to meet the slightest demands of the soundtracks.This loudspeaker is loaded with bass-reflex by four circular vents which open onto the front face of the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR speaker to optimize the bass response. 

In addition to the 38cm woofer, each LCR speaker of the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR also benefits from a 7cm diameter titanium diaphragm mid / woofer. The latter benefits from a coil of the same diameter to optimize once again the dynamics and the impulse response. This loudspeaker is also placed in a compression chamber with Tractrix horn to mechanically amplify the sound and optimize its dispersion. This is then wider and more homogeneous, which allows each pitch to fairly perceive all of the frequencies reproduced by the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR loudspeaker. 

Klipsch RCC-102-BTS: dual subwoofer 

To provide even deeper and more realistic bass, the three LCR speakers of the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR are coupled to two subwoofers, placed on either side of the unit. The latter adopt a long excursion membrane 45 cm in diameter. This is driven by a 10 cm diameter coil and rests on a triple suspension to ensure a wide travel and provide bass with colossal power. Each subwoofer is loaded with  bass-reflex, with no less than 3 circular vents to guarantee a very large air displacement. This profusion of resources allows the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR speaker  to go down to 18 Hz for powerful, deep and incredibly realistic bass. With a sound pressure level of 126 dB, the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR loudspeaker has no difficulty in bringing sound to the largest cinemas. 

Klipsch RCC-102-BTS: complete range 

The Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR loudspeaker is fully established at the heart of the Klipsch Behind The Screen range, which includes loudspeakers developed to be hidden behind a trans-sound screen. This range includes the Klipsch RCC-112-BTS LCR speakers for screens with a width of between 2.8 and 3 meters, as well as the Klipsch RCC-122-BTS LCR speaker for screens with a width of minimum of three meters. The Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR speaker is designed for screens between 2.6 and 2.8 meters wide. It fits easily into the wall, thus reducing the necessary space between the canvas and the wall to a minimum. Practical, the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR has a double terminal block placed on the front of each LCR speaker.It is thus possible to envisage carrying out a bi-wiring or a bi-amplification.

With its three LCR speakers and double subwoofer, the Klipsch RCC-102-BTS LCR speaker  provides an unrivaled cinematic experience worthy of the best movie theaters. 



    speaker LCR speaker (left, center and right speaker)
    Compatible with trans-sound screen with a width between 102 "and 112"
    Bass-reflex load

    38cm woofers with 10cm voice coil 3x 7cm titanium cone tweeter / midrange and Tractrix horn

    Frequency response: from 37 Hz to 20 kHz
    Continuous sound pressure: 120 dB
    Acoustic pressure
    peak : 126 dB Admissible power: 200 W RMS and 800 W peak
    Sensitivity: 100 dB
    Horizontal coverage: 90 ° +/- 20 (from 1.1 kHz to 20 kHz)
    Vertical coverage: 60 ° +/- 20 (from 2.2 kHz to 20 kHz)

    Dimensions (W x H x D): 514 x 1397 x 514 mm
    Weight: 58.96 kg


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