• Portable music players with headphones have undoubtedly killed off the traditional ‘transistor radio’ as we knew it, but nevertheless from talking with customers we found that many still desire a radio that can be carried and enjoyed where mains power is not available. 
  • As always withVIta/ Ruark Audio have not followed convention!
  • Placing batteries inside a radio steals valuable speaker capacity and this often results in poor sound quality.
  • To overcome this they have developed an optional rechargeable power pack which attaches and integrates onto the back panel of the new R1.
  • Called ‘BackPack’ this stylish device provides power for hours of ‘mains-free’ listening.
  • The power supply that comes with R1 doubles as a charger making R1 always ready for picnics, gardening or just ‘chilling out’ in the bath.
  • Compatible with R1 models manufactured 2010 onwards     
  • R1 radio not included

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