PC-662P 2-way In-ceiling Loudspeaker System Each

Palladio custom installation speakers naturally combine esteemed functionality and versatility of use with beautiful aesthetic and sound. This product’s vision aimed to break barriers for music, respecting the proportion of the listening environment, to bring the emotion of the musical experience everywhere in a total sound immersion.To achieve this goal, the Palladio collection features several important design solutions available in the Sonus faber high end loudspeakers catalogue.

The Speaker

We can subdivide the Palladio collection into two lines: Level 5 and Level 6, ideal completion of Sonetto and Olympica collections respectively with 13 models in total. Level 5 offers 2 In-Wall and 4 In-Ceiling speakers and the Level 6 includes 2 In-Wall and 5 In-Ceiling speakers. Additionally, both lines boast an option to add a versatile passive subwoofer (PS-G101).

The Sound

The Voice of Sonus faber is timbre of our loudspeakers systems, especially in the mid-high frequencies section: a warm and fascinating sound obtained by means of design solution that identify the DNA of the brand.As for our line of passive loudspeakers, the 29 mm silk dome tweeters are characterized by DAD (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and mid-ranges and mid-woofers are equipped with custom diaphragms made in natural fiber and cellulose pulp. The Crossover network or the entire line is designed for better definition and purity of sound featuring the Paracross TopologyTM circuitry.

The Design

Any Custom Installation speaker line is designed to blend into the listening environment, but the Palladio Collection is intended to be seen and showcase the beauty of Italian design and creativity, without compensating functionality. Front panels of speakers reference our “traditional” collections and integrate the string pattern explicitly reminiscent of the Sonetto bookshelves’ stand design (Level 5). The Level 6 features the walnut wood front panels with maple inlays, derived from the typical Olympica finish.For those who do not want to renounce to the Sonus faber style, Level 6 (PL-664 and PW-662 models) can be upgraded with classic elastic grilles masks, typical feature of our most recognized models.

The Configuration

The Sonus faber Palladio collection is made up of 13 models of loudspeakers designed to satisfy all listening needs in home theater, stereo and multi-room configurations.A versatile collection, the Palladio custom installation speakers offer an ideal completion for every system. They are designed to offer a complete solution for every listening room and occasion to become a part of the everyday listening experience.

The Voice Of Sonus Faber

Olympica collection is immediately recognizable in the shape of the Voice of Sonus faber.The 29 mm silk dome tweeter features the DAD (Damped Apex Dome™) technology and the mid-woofer’s custom diaphragm is made in natural fiber and cellulose pulp, to guarantee that typical sound of the Voice of Sonus faber. All the Level 6 loudspeakers feature the die-cast aluminum baskets, designed by the Sonus faber laboratories and implemented in all products, it further ensures structural rigidity and purity of sound.


With Level 6 of the Palladio collection, we reach for higher structural standards, particularly regarding the choice of materials. The front baffle is covered in natural leather, recovering the front panel shape of Olympica collection, while identifying the Italian roots of the brand.The unmistakable Sonus faber style is further achieved with the integration of 2 accessories available for the PL-664 and PW-662; the walnut wood front panels with hand-made inlays in maple and the classic elastic string grilles.These serve as iconic design elements and as a tribute to stringed musical instruments that have guided the fortune of our brand and industry.

Paracross Topology

The Paracross Topology™ technology is implemented in all Sonus faber crossover networks and designs to ensure quality and purity of sound. For the Level 6, the circuitry has been enriched with custom made capacitors, branded by Sonus faber, developed and used for the first time on our 35th anniversary celebration model Electa Amator III.

Two in-ceiling models of Level 6 are angled: PC-662P and PC-664P. These speakers increase the versatility of the collection, allowing users to easily complete any home theater or stereo system in any environment, even those difficult to access. Whenever front speakers cannot be placed on walls, these models can be mounted in ceiling. By positioning drivers to be angled to the surface, the sound emission aims to the direction of the listening position, guaranteeing the same performance of a front channel speaker.

In Level 6, 3 models (PC-664P, PL-664, PW-662) are provided with a wooden sealed box, designed to be used when a sound insulation is needed. The box is the ideal solution to avoid sound pollution through to other floors and simultaneously allows precise control of speaker loads. However, it’s possible to open the boxes to allow acoustic loading of the inter-space inside the plasterboard, as for all models.

The LCR model PL-664 is designed to cover multiple roles according to different needs; front channel if used in vertical position or center channel if mounted horizontally, always able to turn any room into a fully capable movie and music theater environment.

All Palladio series models are equipped with a magnetic, edgeless metal grille, designed to make each model as discreet as possible. All models’ grilles are readyto be painted and all in-ceilings models include an additional square grille, to further increase the freedom of listener’s choice.

Thanks to the swing out dogs fixing system, all Palladio speakers can be secured quickly and effectively to plasterboard.



  • 2 way angled in-ceiling loudspeaker system
  • 29 mm / 1,1’’ tweeter & 165 mm / 6,5’’ Midwoofer
  • 42 Hz -35.000 Hz Frequency response
  • Open design
  • Paintable magnetically attached grille



Loudspeaker system
2 way point in-ceiling loudspeaker system. Open design

Tweeter DADTM driver
29 mm / 1,1’’

165 mm / 6,5’’


Crossover frequency Paracross TopologyTM
3.000 Hz

Frequency response
42 Hz -35.000 Hz

Sensitivity (2.83v/1m)
87dB SPL

Nominal impedance
4 Ω

Suggested amplifier power output
40W – 200W

Long-term max input voltage (IEC-268-5
20V rms

Frame outer
265.2 mm / 10.4’’

Cut out
244 mm / 9.6’’

Depth behind surface
172 mm / 6.8’’

10 mm / 0.40’’

Included in the box
Bezel-Free round magnetic grilles
Bezel-Free square magnetic grilles


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