Advance Paris HDT-800 Bluetooth Transmitter


Elevate your audio experience to new heights with the Advance Paris HDT800 Bluetooth Transmitter, the supreme ally for audiophiles who refuse to compromise on sound quality or convenience.

Our HDT800 transmitter is truly versatile, it allows you to:

– transmit audio wirelessly between your TV and one or two bluetooth headphones in high definition quality

– transmit sound wirelessly and in high definition between two hifi devices, in this case the signal transmission is between the HDT800 and a Bluetooth* aptX or aptX HD receiver (ex: WTX500, WTX700, WTX1100, WTX-TUBES).

– transmit sound wirelessly between your PC or MAC and your HiFi system. The PC/MAC will be connected to the HDT800 while your hifi system will be equipped with a Bluetooth* aptX or aptX HD receiver (ex: WTX500, WTX700, WTX1100, WTX-TUBES).

* Our HDT800 integrates the aptX, aptX-HD codec but it is also compatible with simple A2DP standard Bluetooth receivers. HD quality is only possible if both transmitter and receiver are aptX HD.

This very high level result was made possible thanks to the integration of a RISC processor combined with a Kalimba 24-bit / 120Mhz DSP allowing the support of 24-bit audio "over" Bluetooth.

Our HDT800 has complete connectivity, optical or coaxial digital output, analog output and USB port managing both charging and data transport.



High-Definition Sound Transmission

  • Utilize aptX and aptX HD technology for an immersive sound experience
  • Transmits up to 24-bit audio "over" Bluetooth for unmatched clarity
  • Experience wireless, high-fidelity audio as intended by the artist

Robust Internal Architecture

  • Powered by a high-performance RISC processor for swift data handling
  • Enhanced by a 24-bit / 120Mhz Kalimba DSP for precise sound reproduction
  • Enjoy a stable, reliable wireless connection without sound distortion

Multi-Device Compatibility

  • Seamlessly connects with a range of Bluetooth headphones and HiFi systems
  • Compatible with advanced aptX HD and standard A2DP Bluetooth receivers
  • Perfect for creating a personalized sound environment across various devices

Versatile Connectivity Options

  • Equipped with optical and coaxial digital outputs for pure digital signal
  • Includes analog output for traditional HiFi system integration
  • Features a multi-purpose USB port for charging and data transfer capabilities

Dual-Headphone Connection

  • Wirelessly transmit to one or two sets of Bluetooth headphones simultaneously
  • Share your audio experience without any compromises on quality
  • Ideal for couples or friends who want to enjoy movies or music together

Seamless PC/MAC to HiFi Integration

  • Turn your computer into a high-end audio source with wireless transmission
  • Enhance the sound output of your PC or MAC effortlessly
  • Enjoy your digital library through your superior HiFi system without cables

User-Friendly Operation

  • Simple plug-and-play setup with minimal configuration required
  • Intuitive interface and clear indicator lights for ease of use
  • Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying your audio

Sophisticated Design Aesthetics

  • Sleek, compact design that complements any audio equipment setup
  • Aesthetic that resonates with both modern and classic decor
  • Less clutter with an invisible, wireless connection that maintains room elegance

Continuous Playback

  • USB port allows for charging while in operation, ensuring uninterrupted use
  • Play your audio for longer durations without worrying about battery life
  • Experience non-stop entertainment, whether for a movie marathon or extended playlist



  • Product Type Bluetooth Transmitter
  • Audio Transmission High definition, wireless
  • Compatible Bluetooth Codecs aptX, aptX HD, A2DP standard
  • Processor RISC processor
  • Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Kalimba 24-bit / 120MHz DSP
  • Supported Audio Resolution 24-bit audio over Bluetooth
  • Connectivity Options Optical digital, Coaxial digital, Analog output, USB port
  • USB Port Functionality Charging and data transport
  • Receiver Compatibility AptX or aptX HD receivers such as WTX500, WTX700, WTX1100, WTX-TUBES
  • Multi-Device Support Capable of transmitting to one or two Bluetooth headphones or HiFi devices concurrently
  • PC/MAC Connectivity Allows wireless sound transmission from PC or MAC to a HiFi system via Bluetooth
  • TV Connectivity Provides wireless audio transmission from TV to Bluetooth headphones
  • High Definition Quality HD quality is enabled when both transmitter and receiver support aptX HD
  • Design Feature Ensures high-quality sound transmission thanks to advanced internal hardware
  • Note on Bluetooth Compatibility While the HDT800 supports high-end codecs, it also works with devices that support the basic A2DP standard, although HD quality requires compatible hardware.


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