Kronos Loudspeaker System

KYRON Kronos Loudspeaker System Audiophile Dipole Loudspeakers KYRON Audio has developed a Loudspeaker System that is Bold, Distinctive, Musical and Truthful. The KRONOS...

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  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System
  • Kronos Loudspeaker System

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KYRON Kronos Loudspeaker System

Audiophile Dipole Loudspeakers

KYRON Audio has developed a Loudspeaker System that is Bold, Distinctive, Musical and Truthful.

The KRONOS Dipole Loudspeaker System is directly descended from KYRON's flagship GAIA System. The lineage is unmistakable. With the same lack of colouration, the sound quality of the two models is almost indistinguishable.

The KRONOS System offers the technical brilliance and pure music reproduction os GAIA, scaled to fit the requirements of a more modest listening space. Every element of KRONOS design was carefully considered, to ensure that this speaker system lived up to KYRON's high standards of excellence.

"The best speakers I have ever listened to, in over five decades of addiction!"
- Jean-marie Liere – French Vintage Hi-Fi

I have to say, it was among the best sound I have ever heard anyplace, ever.
- Michael Fremer – Stereophile Magazine

Kronos Loudspeaker System image  Kronos Loudspeaker System photo



Better Dynamics

The Kronos employs customised and hand assembled woofer drivers, mounted from the back of the motors to reduce vibration and improve dynamics. A low distortion, high excursion midrange
driver has been utilised, as well as technologically advanced ring radiator tweeters. The drivers have been painstakingly selected for their lack of any sonic signature. They convey the
full emotion, timbre, transient detail and dynamics of the music being played with conviction and truth.

Listening Perfection

The Kronos includes DEQXTM powered signal processing capabilities, and this is responsible for the linear-phase crossovers, time alignment, frequency response correction, phase correction and room correction. Being able to correct the frequency and phase of the output ensures that what you hear is as close as possible to what was recorded. The signal then travels directly to our own proprietary dipole correction electronics that allow the woofers to be used without a box.


Kronos includes a transparent remote control preamplifier to facilitate connection of your choice of source components. Connect your digital source to one of the Kronos’ three digital
inputs to allow your music direct, unconverted access to the Kronos system or connect your phono stage, SACD or other analogue output to one of the two mastering grade analogue
inputs. The Kronos also offers a USB audio input to allow direct connection of a media server or computer with USB output.

Complete Control

The Kronos system is powered by six channels of extremely low distortion power amplifiers, capable of producing a total of more than two and a half thousand Watts of power. The amplifiers are directly connected to the speaker drivers, with only speaker cable in between. This gives the amplifiers complete and exacting control over the movement of the speakers, allowing precise
starting and stopping of the signal. 

Hand built

Each Kronos is built to order and hand assembled in Australia. Each part of the multi-layered structure is aligned perfectly to create a stable and silent platform for the speaker drivers to operate from. The structural backbone of the Kronos is made up of five different materials, including aircraft grade aluminium, steel and engineered plastics. The spine is assembled as a
constrained damped composite, ensuring it is both solid and inert, and the only sounds generated are those of the drivers.


The sculptural styling of the speaker system was modelled for both aesthetics and strength and is in itself a representation of what is possible when innovation and performance are given high priority. With styling cues taken from contemporary architecture, the Kronos is a striking and thought provoking artistic piece that speaks strongly even when it is silent.

Personalise Your Kronos

Kronos is available with a number of options to best suit your décor or preferences. This includes the option of timber highlights sculpted from a range of sustainable hardwoods and finished in satin or high gloss. Also available is a range of high depth paint finishes in a variety of spectacular colours, baked and hand polished to achieve the quality usually reserved for supercars.
A spiked amplifier plinth, designed to accommodate the Kronos control unit and crafted from three different metals is also offered as an option. This provides a solid and stylish way to raise the control unit higher off the floor, while aiding air flow and limiting vibration within the electronic circuits.

Options are: Timber Finish or

Paint Colour Options: Blue, Green, Light Blue, Metallic Green, Orange, Sandstone, Red and Yellow

Kronos custom paint and timber option are $3,740.00 extra each.



Kronos Loudspeaker System image  Kronos Loudspeaker System photo

Kronos Loudspeaker System image  Kronos Loudspeaker System photo

Kronos Loudspeaker System image  Kronos Loudspeaker System photo

Kronos Loudspeaker System image  Kronos Loudspeaker System photo

Kronos Loudspeaker System Picture


KYRON Kronos Loudspeaker System photo


KYRON Kronos Loudspeaker System image


No Box

For so long it has been taught that without an enclosure, there is no bass. What is
not widely documented however, are the many compromises made in fidelity when
adding an enclosure to a sound source. The simple test of talking into cupped
hands will demonstrate both the amplifying effect and the change in
tonality that a resonant chamber has on a sound source. By completely eliminating
this source of distortion and then replacing the cancelled bass frequencies, our dipole
loudspeakers have achieved a level of fidelity that has to be heard to be believed.


The term dipole refers to the way the sound disperses from the loudspeakers. The dipole dispersion pattern is also known as figure-8, as it resembles a numeric figure eight when viewed from above. The dispersion pattern is three dimensional however, so is probably better visualised as two balloons, one pointing towards the front, and the other facing the rear with their narrow ends together as the source. In our designs, the dipole dispersion pattern starts from the lowest
frequencies of the subwoofers and continues to the extent of the physical limits of the tweeters dispersion ability. This is in stark contrast to a traditional box design, which changes patterns from completely omnidirectional in the bass to very directional in the high frequencies, with sudden changes often occurring in the midrange. Put simply it means that a dipole loudspeaker will sound more natural, less fatiguing, and have a far more accurate balance throughout the audio range.

Room Correction

As room friendly as our dipole loudspeakers are, there usually remain room anomalies that can be quite difficult to tame. Left untreated, these have the potential to lessen the enjoyment of music that activates these specific frequencies. If large bass traps or tuned absorbers are not a viable option, or cannot completely remove a particularly troublesome room note, the inbuilt room correction capability of our speaker systems is an invaluable tool to improve the listening environment. Powerful user defined filtering can be applied by an expert installer or acoustician to ensure that the fixes applied are the best possible fit for the space. 

Room Response

The dipole loudspeaker has almost complete cancellation of sound to the left and right sides, as well as to the top and bottom of the loudspeaker. Therefore, dipole loudspeakers will couple to the low room modes far less than a conventional speaker as it is only energising the room directly in the front to back direction. This ability of the dipole to avoid two of the three series of axial modes presents itself audibly as heightened articulation, transient detail, and clarity in the bass frequencies. Double bass becomes clear and precise, kick drums have audible tone, and the bass decay in large concert halls becomes easily discernible. The effect is not subtle and lovers of acoustic music find that Kyron Audio loudspeakers transport them to the recording venue in a more believable and astonishing way than previously experienced.


Kronos Specifications:

Loudspeaker Type
3 Way, DSP-Controlled active
dipole loudspeaker system

Frequency Response Range
30Hz to 40KHz

Polar Response Pattern
Figure 8 response

2 x 1-inch ring radiator with patented
symmetrical drive motor

1 x 7-inch neodymium dipole mid-woofer

2 x 12-inch dipole long throw woofer

Stereo Preamplifier
Total harmonic distortion
<0.0008% (analogue input)

Digital Inputs

Analogue Inputs
• Balanced XLR • Un-balanced RCA

3 way active linear phase

• Low 2 x 400 Watt • Mid 2 x 200 Watt
• High 2 x 200 Watt
• Total power before clipping 2800 Watts

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