Sonitus QUADSORBER 4 PRO Acoustic Panel Black (Pack of 10)


Made of high performance polyester (that makes them resistant to abrasion and other external conditions), Quadsorber can deal with any type of space where acoustic absorption treatment is required.

High absorption efficiency and excellent capability of fire-retardant make it a great solution for both small and large rooms.

Working on mid-low to high frequencies Quadsorber can be applied on walls or/and ceilings. It can be used as a single unit or as a pattern.


      60x60x4cm (SKU : QS4PRO)
      60x60x6cm (SKU : QS6PRO)
      60x60x8cm (SKU : QS8PRO)

      Dimension tolerance

      High quality Polyester fire resistant (FMVSS302) acoustic foam

      Base Thickness
      3 cm (QS6PRO)
      4cm (QS8PRO)

      Product Weight
      QS4PRO > 390g +- 15g
      QS6PRO > 470g +- 17g
      QS8PRO > 570g +- 23g

      QS4PRO & QS6PRO - 10 pcs / 3,6m2
      QS8PRO - 8 pcs / 2,88m2

      Package Size
      62cm x 62cm x 50cm

      Package Weight
      QS4PRO > ca 4,5 kg
      QS6PRO > ca 5,5 kg
      QS8PRO > ca 5,5 kg

      Easy installation with spray glue or other universal adhesives.

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