Rega Atlas Tracking Force Gauge

Designed to provide reliable and accurate measurement of tracking force for the lifetime of your turntable. Setting a correct tracking force will minimise damage to, and extend the lifetime of your vinyl records. Achieve the highest possible performance from your turntable system by setting the tracking force correctly first.

- Incredibly precise
- Resilient to external factors
- Easy to use
- Extends the life of your records

The Result of Necessity & Research
Rega's engineers have meticulously selected each component to offer a device that's easy to use, consistent and exceptionally accurate. The intelligent design of the Atlas ensures the the tracking force is measured in the same place every time allowing for very fine adjustment down to two decimal places.

Inside the durable aluminium casework is a highly stable loadcell and precision amplification circuitry. There is also a custom designed front guard to protect the measuring element and provide easy alignment. This allows the Atlas to achieve accurate and reliable performance with minimal input from the user.

The loadcell is a premium full bridge, shear beam construction. The cell is temperature compensated for a wide range of operating temperatures and is extremely resilient to shocks and deterioration over time.

The Atlas was born out of frustration from having used so many outsourced gauges in tonearm production areas over the years for them to consistently fail after minimal use.


Accuracy: +/-0.01 grams
Range: 0.5 - 3 grams
Safe Overload: 10 grams
Supply: 9V PP3 cell


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