Acoustic Energy AE120.2 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair

As the flagship of the range, the AE120.2 is the largest model in the 100 series and a true 3-way design. This speaker offers a big sound from a slim-line enclosure, tastefully styled to blend into a wide range of domestic environments. Twin bass drive units underpin the room filling performance with a dedicated mid-range driver housed in its own enclosure, carefully designed to mitigate the harmful effects of rear wave reflections. Integrated within the perfectly matched Wide Dispersion Technology (WDT) waveguide, Acoustic Energy’s 25mm soft dome tweeter manages the high frequencies with controlled dispersion, high sensitivity and low distortion.

The 3-way crossover is impedance compensated to avoid the resonance issues which would otherwise slow bass delivery and colour mid-range performance. Particular attention has also been paid to the phase and time alignment for optimum integration and soundstage. The result is a loudspeaker offering smooth, wide dispersion high frequencies with a clean mid-range and lightning fast bass response. The inert cabinet enclosure is constructed from 15mm HDF and like it’s smaller AE109.2 brother, supplied mass loaded to help dampen cabinet vibrations. The internal bracing system has been carefully tuned to reduce cabinet resonances and mid-range colouration, whilst the new AE120.2 benefits from a subtlety styled, discrete black plinth to aide stability, further improving dynamics and stereo focus.



  • Drive Unit: 130mm paper cones 
  • Tweeter: 25mm fabric dome 
  • Frequency Range: 39Hz - 26kHz 
  • Sensitivity: 90dB • Peak SPL: 116dB 
  • Power Handling: 200w 
  • Crossover Frequency: 300Hz, 2.7kHz 
  • Impedance: 6ohms • Design: 3-way 
  • Grilles: Slim, cloth magnetic fit 
  • Dimensions: 950 x 165 x 250 (HxWxD, inc. plinth) 
  • Weight: 19kg (each) 
  • Finishes: Black and Walnut vinyl veneer


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