This VM95 Series cartridge with 3 mil conical stylus fits half-inch mount turntables and is designed specifically to play older 78 RPM records only.

This listing combines the AT-VM95SP and AT-HS6BK black headshell. The cartridge comes pre-mounted to the headshell making it quick and easy to attach to any tonearm with a half inch universal mount.

While this cartridge is designed to play 78 RPM mono records, it is, nevertheless, a stereo cartridge, allowing users to choose between the left and right channels, which can be especially helpful in archiving applications to minimise noise and distortion.

The durable, low-resonance housing includes threaded inserts that enable the cartridge to be mounted to the headshell with just two screws.

Key Features
- Audio-Technica headshell with cartridge attached
- VM95 Series dual Magnet cartridge with 3 mil Conical stylus for 78 RPM records
- VM dual magnet construction
- Aluminium cantilever
- Durable low-resonance polymer housing
- Threaded inserts - can be mounted to headshell with just two screws

3 mil Conical stylus for 78 RPM Records

The AT-VMN95SP stylus is dedicated to 78 rpm records. Its round stylus tip has a large curvature radius of 3 mil, suitable for playing 78 rpm records from a wide variety of eras.



  • Frequency Response: 20 to 20,000 Hz
  • Channel Separation: N/A
  • Output Channel Balance: 1.5 dB (1 kHz)
  • Output Voltage: 2.7 mV (1 kHz, 5 cm/sec.)
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 23 degrees
  • Vertical Tracking Force: 4.5-5.5g (5.0g standard)
  • Stylus Construction: Bonded Round Shank
  • Stylus Shape: Conical 3.0 mil
  • Cantilever: Aluminium pipe
  • Coil Impedance: 3.3 k ohms (1 kHz)
  • Coil Inductance: 550 mH (1 kHz)
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 47,000 ohms
  • Recommended Load Capacitance: 100 to 200 pF
  • Weight (Cartridge & Headshell): 15.5g
  • Dimensions (Cartridge & Headshell): 21.2mm H x 21.4mm W x 62.4mm D
  • Mount: Half-inch
  • Replacement Stylus: AT-VMN95SP


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