AudioQuest Vinyl Record Brush Super-conductive Anti-static

The AudioQuest Super Conductive Carbon Fibre Record Cleaning Brush is an essential simple cleaning product for anybody with a turntable and some records. It was invented decades ago by Decca and has been in production from a number of campanies almost unchanged ever since. So, it was high time somebody went back to the drawing board and reinvented the humble Carbon Fibre Brush.

Back in 1980 or thereabouts, AudioQuest began making their AQ Carbon Fibre Record Brush which has been a stunning success story for the last 35 plus years, and maybe the world’s favourite way to respect and care for LPs. And if you want to count them, there are 1,248,000 highly conductive fibres!

AudioQuest eventually learned that the AQ Record Brush (and every other brand of carbon fibre brush), doesn’t have a good electrical path between the fibres and the handle, and that the print-protecting coating on the metal handle prevents a proper electrical connection to the user’s hand. The user is the “ground” for static electricity, so having a good electrical contact from fibres-to-hand is a big deal!

In creating their Super Conductive Carbon Fibre Brush, AudioQuest created new tooling for every part of their new design. AQ’s reborn Brush has ideal conductivity from the Carbon Fibres, through the internal parts of the brush, to the conductive Gold Contacts placed right where your fingers need them.

AudioQuest also reinvestigated what is possible with Carbon Fibres, finally choosing for their new Brush a far greater quantity of new smaller fibres in order to more effectively sweep away micro-dirt, not just the less relevant visible dust.

To everyone who has an AQ Record Brush, or any brand of Carbon Fibre brush, and to everyone who hasn’t yet discovered how simple it is to keep records clean, we invite you to experience the top of the line AudioQuest Super Conductive Record Brush.



  • Safe, fast, and effective tool for removing dust and debris from vinyl records
  • Conductive carbon fibre bristles and conductive gold contacts remove microscopic dust before it becomes embedded in the vinyl
  • Helps keep records sounding like new

Directions for use:

  • Place record on platter and start turntable
  • Holding the Brush’s gold contacts, gently place the carbon fibres across the grooves. The fibres must touch the grooves, but should not be bend. It is the ends of the fibres which do the cleaning
  • Let the record turn a few times in order for the carbon fibres to gather both the visible dust, and the micro dust that is too small to see
  • With the brush still on the record, rotate your wrist and the brush counter clockwise lifting the fibres from off the record. Try not to lose the dust as you lift the brush off the record
  • Rotate the brush within the black handle to clean the dust off the fibres
  • The brush is better at gathering dust than at holding dust - so repeat steps 3 and 4 a second or third time. For records that are cleaned every time they are played, and not left out, a single pass with the Record Brush will keep them clean

Please Note: Do not touch the carbon fibres, as your fingers’ natural oil will compromise the cleaning process


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