Tristand Speaker Stand Pair


Clean design with intelligent features

If you want to achieve the best possible sound with your Hi-Fi system, you will sooner or later invest in a pair of good speakers. The problem is, that a speaker is only able to sound as good as its environment. Not only room treatment is often mandatory, also the correct placement of the speakers is important. When you place them on an inappropriate piece of furniture, all the quality and details the speaker is able to deliver can be lost. But not only the surface, but also the height and distance to your listening position, must be kept in mind. That is where the Pro-Ject Tristand comes into play.

A speaker stand is often overlooked, but plays a significant role on the sound quality of the whole system. The Tristand provides a solid stand with its three height adjustable steel spikes which decouples the speaker from the floor. It makes it easy to level your speakers in the correct place and create the optimal listening position: the sweet spot.

We also offer you spikes on the top plate to place your speaker on it. Spikes are designed to reduce the contact area to minimise the vibration interference, which allows speaker vibration to be diverted through the stand into the floor. By minimising these vibrations, the bass response becomes cleaner and feels more controlled. It will also help to bring fine details to light, which furthermore improves the stereo image. If you don‘t want to place your speakers onto the spikes, we also offer microporous rubber pads as an alternative.


  • Material: Steel
  • Base plate: equilateral triangle with 360 mm side length
  • Top plate: 150x142 mm
  • Height: 700 mm
  • Weight: 5 kg per stand 

 **Speakers not included


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