THE+RECORD PLAYER CARBON Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Maple

THE +RECORD PLAYER is a revolutionary concept for vinyl lovers. CARBON Model with: - Pro-Ject 9cc carbon fibre tonearm- Ortofon 2M red moving...

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Brand +AUDIO
Type Turntable
Tags Turntable

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  • THE+RECORD PLAYER CARBON Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Maple
  • THE+RECORD PLAYER CARBON Wireless Bluetooth Streaming Maple

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THE +RECORD PLAYER is a revolutionary concept for vinyl lovers.

CARBON Model with:

- Pro-Ject 9cc carbon fibre tonearm
- Ortofon 2M red moving magnet cartridge

Entirely different from many "all-in-one" turntable systems elsewhere on the market, it's a high fidelity-grade turntable carefully built into a premium amplifier and speaker system for true high-performance audio from a one-box solution.

Designed for the discerning vinyl enthusiast who doesn't have the space or desire for a complex hi-fi separates system, THE +RECORD PLAYER features patent-pending technology exclusively developed for +Audio by Bob Hazlewood - an audio industry pioneer. The carefully developed system resolves the multitude of problems associated with placing a turntable too near loudspeakers, and still delivers powerful, low-frequency reproduction (down to 50hz) without disturbing resonances or distortions due to acoustic feedback. Hazlewood's smart design also includes two listening modes - "direct" is ideal for personal listening from the comfort of your chair, while "wide" mode delivers room-enveloping sound great for parties or listening while moving around the room.

With turntable parts developed by world-leaders Pro-Ject Audio Systems and a cartridge sourced from Ortofon of Denmark, THE +RECORD PLAYER has true hi-fi heritage inside and out. It also has all the modern conveniences of automatic speed changing between 33 and 45 RPM and a purpose-chosen RIAA phono pre-amplifier for accurate audio playback.

And don't just think of THE +RECORD PLAYER as "just a turntable system".

In addition to vinyl playback, THE +RECORD PLAYER includes high-quality wireless Bluetooth streaming and an optical input for connecting a TV or other digital audio source. The USB input features clever two-way technology for recording your vinyl to a PC and for listening to music from your computer or laptop. You also get analogue inputs and a separate headphone output for personal listening

Simply put, THE +RECORD PLAYER brings a new experience to vinyl enthusiasts. Removing the need for hi-fi separates, THE +RECORD PLAYER is a true all-in-one hi-fi system with hi-fi credentials.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one phono system, including amplifier and speakers.
  • Belt-drive turntable.
  • 2-way bi-amplified speaker system with vibration cancelling architecture.
  • Powerful low-frequency reproduction without resonances or distortions.
  • Two high-excursion 3.5” woofers and two 1” soft-dome tweeters.
  • 100w Class D amplifier (2 x 35w, 2 x 15w).
  • 56-Bit double precision DSP, with >100dB Signal to Noise Ratio.
  • 33.3 & 45rpm playback via electronic speed switching.
  • 24 pole synchronous motor with crystal stabilized digital electronic speed controller.
  • Low noise RIAA phono preamplifier.
  • Bluetooth for wireless connection to any source on your portable devices.
  • Optical SPDIF input for TV connectivity.
  • USB output for recording vinyl to PC.
  • Front & rear 3.5mm Auxiliary inputs.
  • Front headphone output.
  • Stereo RCA input & output.
  • Materials: multi-layer MDF, aluminium, plastic. Real wood veneer on timber finish models.

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