Turntable Stand

In black or White finish.

The elegant new stand for the Full Circle comes after much demand recently from distribution across the world. There have been numerous versions created by other companies to satisfy the ideal method of presenting the classic lines of the Full Circle System. The simple, understated, pure lines of the design look just as "naturally correct" in terms of design and function today as it did when it was first released. With demand for this product being stronger than ever before, the design is now more than ready to see some useful enhancements.

The Full Circle Stand is an all metal design featuring laser cut steel and Wilson Benesch's own extruded parts. The system caters for additional loading with high mass material to enhance it. The spiked base plate is terminated with the usual high quality Wilson Benesch turned spike elements providing an easy solution to levelling of the system. Affording super rigidity with minimal mass the design blends seamlessly with the Full Circle providing the best ergonomics whilst sacrificing nothing of the performance.

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