TGA7401 Amplifier

COULD YOUR HOME THEATER SYSTEM EVER HAVE TOO MUCH POWER? Nothing gets the party started faster than the sheer horsepower of your home theater’s amplifier. And when it comes to building amplifiers whose performance exceeds anything else in their class, no other brand has more success stories than Sunfire. The latest and best example of this fact is our new flagship amplifier, the TGA-7401. As its name implies, this is a true 7-channel amplifier that offers a relentless 7x400 watt profile, earning it the title of Most Powerful Amplifier in its class. But power of this stature without equally serious control translates into trouble waiting to happen. That’s why Sunfire developed its exclusive Tracking Downconverter™ technology for the coolest, most reliable operation no matter how hot the performance gets. What’s more, the TGA-7401 — and its sibling the TGA-7201 — are each Sunfire Optimized™, a powerful program that ensures your new amp is designed to perform optimally with other Sunfire electronics and our wide assortment of speakers, too. Having said all this, could Sunfire’s Amplifiers ever really provide you with too much power? Just turn one up and find out.Amplifier Power Output (8 ohm, 1kHz) 400W / Ch # Channels 7 Tracking Downconverter™ Power Supply  4-ohm Stable  High Current, Low Impedance Design  Discrete Amplifier Output Stages  Protection Circuitry  Dual Banana Plug Compatible Speaker Terminals  Vacuum Tube Emulation (Current Source)  Amplifier Topology Class A/B Audio Inputs Front L/R XLR/RCA Center XLR/RCA Surround L/R XLR/RCA Surround Back XLR/RCA Speaker Outputs Front L/R Voltage+Current Center Surround L/R Surround Back Control Automatic Turn-On Selectable 12V Trigger Input  Miscellaneous Duo-Tone Finish Removable IEC Cord.

  • 7 X 400W per channel into 8 ohms; < 0.5% THD
  • 7 X 800W per channel, 4 ohms
  • Tracking Downconverter (TDC) power supply
  • Signal sense or 12 V trigger turn-on
  • Great for 5 channel surround with extra stereo subzone
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 43.2 cm x 14.9 cm x 42.4 cm
  • Weight: 23.5 kg

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