Built-in Home Theatre System

The front soundstage includes three SK2-3300 four-way speaker systems with dual 10-inch woofers, featuring beryllium midrange and ultrahigh-frequency compression drivers in a specially designed Bi-Radial combination horn, incorporating JBL’s most advanced professional technologies.

Enveloping the listener, and invisible to the naked eye, six S4Ai multipole in-wall ambient surround speakers, each with three 1-inch titanium high-frequency tweeters, two 4-inch mid-bass drivers and one 8-inch dual-coil woofer. Powerful, rich bass emanates from two S1S-EX 18-inch 800-watt subwoofers. The electronics package includes the SDP-40HD processor/controller, SDEC-4500 digital equalizer, two S7165 (7 x 160-watt) and two S820 (1 x 800-watt) power amplifiers.

The Synthesis® Atlas™ 9.2 multichannel cinema/music system is suitable for rooms sized approximately from 2,000 ft3 to 30,000 ft3.

Electronic Components Include: (1) SDP-40HD, (2) S7165, (2) S820, (1) SDEC-4500, (1) S4500XLRIC

Loudspeaker Components Include: (3) SK2-3300, (2) S1S-EX, (6) S4Ai 

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