SYM-67433 Symbol Cabinet Stand Black Ash

McIntosh is excited to partner with Symbol Audio to produce McIntosh Audio Cabinets. When McIntosh set out to find a partner to create...

  • SYM-67433 Symbol Cabinet Stand Black Ash

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McIntosh is excited to partner with Symbol Audio to produce McIntosh Audio Cabinets.

When McIntosh set out to find a partner to create furniture for its legendary home audio systems, Symbol Audio was an obvious choice.

In the same way that McIntosh manufactures its cherished audio components by hand in America to the highest quality and performance standards, Symbol Audio builds luxurious solid wood entertainment furniture in the United States, with quality of craftsmanship, materials, and design coming first.

The McIntosh ✕ Symbol Audio cabinet collection is designed and produced by Symbol Audio to meet the unique height, depth, weight and airflow requirements of McIntosh audio gear — they even include the iconic illuminated McIntosh logo. Each piece is bench made in West Virginia from locally sourced solid domestic hardwoods.



* Hidden industrial casters when feet are raised
* Vibration Isolated Adjustable Shelves
* Illuminated Glass Front Plate; Cable Management
* Easy Access Leveling Feet
* 52.5" high, 25.5" wide, 20" deep




  • Black glass panel with illuminated McIntosh logo (activated using a standard McIntosh control cable) and matching metal trim
  • Slotted shelves and cabinet bottoms to provide ventilation
  • Heavy duty casters which allow for easy movement of the rack, even when loaded with McIntosh components
  • Adjustable leveling feet which allow for added stability and level placement of a turntable
  • Cable management tie bars



Cabinets are available in the following sizes to accommodate the two-channel home audio and multi-channel home theatre systems.

  • All audio racks are 20" D.
  • Internal shelves are 24" W x 1-3/4" thick.
  • Interior heights are 26-3/4" and 44-3/4" respectively.
  • Extra shelves are available.

Symbol Audio was founded in 2012 by furniture designer Blake Tovin to address the lack of high quality, American made, solid wood entertainment furniture. The collection provides distinctive audio furniture solutions for the luxury market focusing on the design and quality driven consumer. All Symbol Audio cabinets are produced in West Virginia from locally sourced hardwoods in a facility that has achieved Silver Exemplary status from the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Symbol’s products are a unique alternative to imported mass produced audio and vinyl storage currently available on the market.

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