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Centre Channel Speaker

Mission SX loudspeakers deliver an extraordinary marriage of beautiful aesthetics and stunning sound quality to surpass the most demanding expectations of the audiophile listener.

At Mission, form must follow function. The sleek exterior lines only hint at the advanced technologies beneath the perfectly polished real wood veneers and precision die case aluminium trimmings. The beauty here is far deeper than the skin.

Cabinet Construction

Sweeping curves across every cabinet surface are there for a reason. As well as hindering the production of internal standing waves, each cabinet is constructed from a precise formula of interleaving wood layers, glued and pressed at high temperature for 48 hours and then left to cool naturally so that internal stresses are eliminated. The result is a cabinet of acoustically inert properties - a perfect chassis for the working parts of the loudspeaker.


The crossover utilises Mission's new 'perfect phase' technology. Each model is specifically designed to work well in a variety of placements, even when placed close to a rear wall, marking the speakers easy to position in typical rooms. Every speaker in the Mission SX Series is designed to deliver maximum sonic performance for minimum outlay in a practical design that's purpose-built for modern living.

The Mission SX Series promise the listener a new level of musicality and is engineered to deliver a balanced sound both on and off axis, aided by an integrated treble waveguide that optimises dispersion, thus ensuring a full sonic experience wherever the listener is seated.

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