Bookshelf Speaker Stands

The perfect choice for Dynaudio compact loudspeaker models and is also ideally suited for many other monitor speakers. 

Stands for

  • Focus 110
  • Xeo 3
  • Excite X12 
  • DM 2/6
  • DM 2/7
  • PAIR

With its slightly tilted profile and elliptical column, the Stand 3X offers a modern, dynamic shape, while its high-quality lacquer finish (available in a choice of High-gloss White, High-gloss Black, Silver or Black) will elegantly complement any interior. 

The Stand 3X cable management system neatly conceals the speaker cable (or the power cord in the case of the Xeo), as it is routed from under the base plate up through a separate channel in the column. The slim yet durable steel and aluminium construction is torsion-resistant and very stable, while the three-layer base plate features a special damping sheet to eliminate resonance. The Stand 3X columns can also be filled with sand or any other suitable damping material for additional damping and extra mass. Loudspeakers can be positioned on the Stand 3X top plate using either the supplied soft damping stickers or the supplied spikes. The lower base plate is also fitted with spikes, which are adjustable in order to achieve a perfect foundation on un-level floors. 

The Stand 3X allows your Dynaudio compact loudspeaker to perform at its highest level of sound quality. 

Technical Specifications 

  • Height 620 mm / 24.4"
  • Dimensions Top Plate     139 x 190 mm / 5.7 x 7.7"
  • Dimensions Base Plate 213 x 299 mm / 8.4 x 11.8"
  • Colours High-gloss white, High-gloss black, black, silver     
  • Ideal for Dynaudio DM 2/6, DM 2/7, Excite X12, Excite X16, Xeo 3 and other compact loudspeakers  

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