Centre Channel Speaker

Series 2

Floor Display Model. Full Manufacturer's Warranty- As New.

The Centre Square is a low profile, 2.5-way speaker. It delivers a huge amount of energy from an elegant and very discrete enclosure. This critical component in any system must exhibit the lowest possible level of noise.

To achieve this objective we have deployed an array of metal systems. Internally, critical mass damping pads break up standing waves and defeat the onset of panel resonance.

As the rear wall forms an intrinsic part of this design, the two A.B.R.s in this case, are located in the side of the enclosure. Both the mid range, and bass driver, benefit from the A.B.R.

The Centre exhbibits excellent dynamics and the most coherent time alignment thanks to the high performance mid range drive unit which has no crossover and the 1st order tweeter. The Centre presents every subtle detail of dialogue with ease. Like all the Square Series, the Centre is fitted with identical drive units to the Odyssey Range, so the potential for mix and match is possible without any compromise.

The Centre is finished in a beautifully hand crafted range of veneers with an optional laser cut steel wall mount or stand mount available for the ultimate solution.

Optional stand (black) also available.

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