Record Washer Fluid for the Pro-Ject Spin-Clean Record Washer System 473ml


Record Washer Fluid for Spin-Clean Record Washer System

Brushes and spot-cleaning sprays are handy ways to take care of your records, but sometimes more stubborn blemishes need a more powerful cleaning solution. Specially formulated to gently remove dirt and grime from your records, Spin-Clean Washer Fluid works with the Spin-Clean Record Washing System to help keep your records clean and sounding their very best. With an alcohol-free formula, Spin Clean Washer Fluid is also safe to use on delicate 78 RPM records. Each bottle contains enough fluid to clean hundreds of records, so it’s a sound investment.


- Gentle and effective record cleaning solution
- Alcohol-free formula
- Hundreds of washes in every bottle



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