Automatic 33 & 45 RPM Switcher

The Speed Box S is a very useful accessory for Pro-Ject turntables that do not offer a built-in electronic speed change. It performs with the push of a button, allowing extremely easy switching between 33 and 45 rpm. The quartz regulation and filter circuit provide optimised speed stability for smooth and undisturbed motor operation. The Speed Box S is compatible with Pro-Ject turntables as listed below.

Compatible with


  • Quartz-generated high precision electronic speed regulation with microprocessor control 
  • Sound improvement through motor running smoothness 
  • Clean power decoupled from mains interference 
  • Allows electronic speed change 33 & 45 rpm 
  • 78 rpm possible with optional accessory pulley 
  • Suitable for all turntables with 16 volt AC motor, up to 3 watt max. power consumption 
  • Metal case shields electronics from vibration and electromagnetic interference 
  • Small size allows installation close to record player 
  • Outboard power supply included 
  • Available in silver or black finish

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