Get more out of your Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3

Integrate your Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3 speaker seamlessly into your interior design by placing it on a Vogel’s SOUND 5313 floor stand. With a height of 82 cm, the floor stand raises your speaker to ear level when you’re seated – which is where speakers sound best. Create the perfect HEOS listening position anywhere in the room.

The Vogel’s floor stand provides secure support for your Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3 and comes in black or white to match the colour of your speaker. Installation is easy, thanks to a pre-assembled speaker interface and integrated extension power cord.

Key benefits:
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy connect
  • Mounting material included

Place your speaker where it sounds best

With the Vogel’s floor stand, you get the flexibility to create the perfect listening position for your Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3 – anywhere in the room.

Do you want to mount your speakers up high and out of the way? Then take a look at the Vogel’s wall mounts for Denon HEOS 1 / HEOS 3.

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