Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin

Stradivari Homage, infinity homage. 35th Anniversary Edition See Reviews from REAL PEOPLE The Homage to Stradivarius further defines the ambition of bringing the identity...

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  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin
  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin
  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin
  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin
  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin
  • Stradivari Homage Floorstanding Loudspeaker Pair Red Violin

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Stradivari Homage, infinity homage.

35th Anniversary Edition

See Reviews from REAL PEOPLE

The Homage to Stradivarius further defines the ambition of bringing the identity of the acoustic loudspeaker increasingly closer to that of a musical instrument. The project was originally inspired by the fact that an enlarged front with respect to traditional canons could lead to the simulation of the 2π infinite plane, translating the model of the theoretically perfect acoustic source and offering absolutely innovative reproductive performance.

This led to the large front panel, which accumulates the energy of the loudspeakers, instead of dispersing it, and then reflects it. The elliptical design for a three-way system is capable of providing a totally different and emotionally exciting response. It is a renewal that has developed through the rediscovery of the cardinal values of the Sonus faber sound.

The shape of sound.

The formal aspect of the Stradivari homage expresses its conceptual origin. It is shaped like two facing lutes: a further development of the construction criterion of Sonus faber loudspeakers. However, the “soul” of Stradivari is also reminiscent of the construction principles of stringed instrument making, because inside it houses a linking element that unites the two walls, just like the joined plates of a violin. The exclusive cabinet features curved walls. The density of the wood employed to make the walls, the quality and the direction of the fibres have been carefully researched to distribute and control resonance.


3 way floor standing vented box loudspeaker.


Elliptical shape design, multilayer, constrained-mode damping, enclosure formed using hand selected wood layers, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances control.Sub-structural ribs are strategically placed for absolute rejection of spurious vibrations.


33 mm ultra dynamic linearity neodymium ring radiator driver, with dual toroidal wave-guide.Natural wood acoustic labyrinth rear chamber, with mechanical anti-resonator synergycally designed and integrated “acoustic ambient”.


150 mm ultra dynamic linearity driver. CCAW/Kapton “eddy current free” voice coil.Dynamically linear magnetic field motor incorporating Kellog and Faraday rings.All moving elements optimally ventilated for “resonance free” response. Designed synergistically with its vented “acoustic chamber”.


260 mm lightweight Aluminium/Magnesium alloy cone driver in an acoustically amorphous vented chamber.A dual Faraday copper ring long-throw motor system with a 2” “eddy current free” voice coil is implemented for an ultra dynamic performance and linearity.Special coaxial anti-compressors are used, designed to remove cavity resonance and distortions.


Special multi slope structure with optimized phase/amplitude response. The impedance at low frequencies is controlled for a clear amplifier friendly performance.A unique structured precious metal alloy conductors used, totally coherent on the entire signal path. Cross-over points 300 Hz - 4.000 Hz.


22 Hz - 40.000 Hz, tuning ports included.


92 dB SPL (2,83 V/1m).


4 ohm.


30W - 300W, without clipping.




Reviews from REAL PEOPLE


Review by a real user

After change to Stradivari from Amati Anniversario I discovered a bigger difference than I thought. Amati sound very very good but Stradivari is the ultimate. The whole soundstage was bigger, clearer and more defined, but not analytical. Those speakers gives you everything the signal source can offer. Articulation in the bass tones are almost perfect and you feel the energy of the instruments on the body as in the real life.

I have listened to many other high end speakers but not any with a such musicality combined with a so clarity and definition.

The incredible beautiful Italian design is completely irresistible and almost all other speakers look ugly in comparison, but that is also a matter of taste.



Review by a real user

Never before have I heared or owned a set of speakers that nails me to the sofa for hours on end like the Strads does...... They play music in a very seductive way, from buttom to top thay are very coherant and the drivers blend seemlessly. I have owned Wilson WP6, Martin Logan Summit and Prodigy, ProAc Responce 4, and many others in the past, but never anything so coherant as these.

The sounstage is huge; especially in the hight. They sound very solid, and the bass is deep, tight, precise and acurate.

They might sound best in larger venues; but in my relativly small listening room, they integrate far better than any of the other highend speakers I have had. So to summ it all up..... buy them if you can !



Review by an Audio Industry Professional

The Stradivari is a three-way speaker with two stiff, lightweight, 12" aluminum/magnesium-cone woofers custom-built for Sonus by SEAS. These are crossed over at 300Hz to a 6" Audio Technology pulp-cone midrange driver (Scan-Speak and Dynaudio were both founded by Audio Technology founder Ejvind Skaaning), which in turn hands over the signal at 4kHz to a custom version of Scan-Speak's silk ring-radiator tweeter. This features both a proprietary dual-toroidal waveguide designed specifically for the wide baffle, and a wooden acoustic labyrinth rear-wave damping system designed by Sonus Faber. The rear-ported woofers are tuned using the entire internal volume of the enclosure, while the tweeter and the ported midrange unit are contained in a substantially braced, cardioid (heart-shaped) sub-enclosure, compression-held in place by the main enclosure walls.

The main enclosure is constructed using a wood laminate, with constrictive damping inserts in between additional front-panel layers of laminate, in the style of the Amati Homage, which was built of stacks of solid maple. The interior of this enclosure, too, is strongly braced. A series of photos supplied by Sonus shows how the laminated wood is clamped in order to achieve the curved shape—clearly a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that is reflected all too faithfully in the retail price. Also like the Amati, the Stradivari Homage is painstakingly hand-stained and lacquered, in a difficult process that Sonus Faber says that only a small number of craftsmen are capable of performing.

The Strad is available in the familiar violin-like red-orange finish used on the Amati, and in a more subdued slate-gray finish. Easily the most beautifully constructed piece of loudspeaker cabinetry I have ever seen or touched, it looks dramatic and statuesque from any angle. Pictures don't do it justice. When you (and a helper) pick it up, you can almost feel the wrapped-tight energy required to hold the structure together, as well as its solidity and physical integrity.


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