SI1230S2 System Intergration 12 x 30 watt amplifer

System Intergration 12 x 30 watt amplifer Offering the classic Niles stability that you’ve come to know and trust, the powerful SI-1230 will...

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Brand Niles
Type Amplifiers
Tags Amplifier, Power Amp

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  • SI1230S2 System Intergration 12 x 30 watt amplifer
  • SI1230S2 System Intergration 12 x 30 watt amplifer

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System Intergration 12 x 30 watt amplifer

Offering the classic Niles stability that you’ve come to know and trust, the powerful SI-1230 will exceed your installation needs. Specifically designed to solve the problems of interfacing with different brands and models of equipment, and different rooms and applications, the SI-1230 makes installation easier and more straight forward than ever before. Fully configurable, with 12-channels that provide 30W per channel (80W when bridged) and our unique BusMatrix™ Selector, the SI-1230 is the perfect multi-zone or multi-room solution.

Features and Benefits

Real World Power: The SI-1230 is a 12-channel amplifier that delivers a solid 30 watts per channel RMS into 8 ohms and 40 watts per channel RMS into 4 ohms. A massive toroidal transformer design provides the energy necessary to efficiently deliver solid, deep, controlled bass response to a house full of speakers.

Turn-On Modes: The SI-1230 features three turn-on modes: 1. Manual turn-on via the front panel switch, 2. Audio Sense and 3. External Voltage trigger. Audio Sense and External Voltage trigger modes enable you to configure the SI-1230 to interface with any kind of system and turn on automatically.

Twelve to Six Channel Configurable Power: Each of the SI-1230’s six adjacent speaker output pairs are bridgeable. You can create up to six 80 watt channels by sliding the bridging switches located between each pair to the “bridged” position. This enables you to allocate more power to specific locations, such as large rooms or outdoor applications.

BusMatrix™: Selector Our unique BusMatrix™ selector gives you the flexibility to assign each channel to a common Left, Right, or Mono signal bus, or to a dedicated signal input. With BusMatrix™, routing surround sound to the master bedroom, stereo to the den and mono to the powder room is as simple as flicking a switch. BusMatrix™ makes the SI-1230 an ideal multi-room or multi-zone amplifier and offers exciting new features and system design possibilities to the professional installer.

  • Fully Configurable 12-Channel Amplifier
  • 30 Watts RMS Per Channel Into 8 Ohms (all Channels Driven)
  • 40 Watts RMS Per Channel Into 4 Ohms (all Channels Driven)
  • Adjacent Channels Are Bridgable To 80 Watts RMS Into 8 Ohms (all Channels Driven) 
  • Unique BusMatrix™ Selector Allows Each Channel To Select From 4 Options: Left Bus, Right Bus, Left Plus Right Bus (summed Stereo) or The Channels Dedicated Input
  • Three Turn-on Modes: Music Sense, Voltage Trigger, And Manual
  • Audio Circuitry Constructed With The Finest Parts Available, Including 1% Metal Film Resistors, High Quality Capacitors And Oversized Heat Sinks For Clear And Uncoloured Sound
  • Independent Level Controls For All 12 Channels
  • Status Display For Troubleshooting


  • Voltage Trigger Input Accepts 3-24VAC/DC
  • 12-volt Control Out
  • Removable Line Cord
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Rack Mount Ears Included
  • Tested And Certified To US, Canada, EU , And Australian Safety And EMC Standards
  • Overall Dimensions: 17.25" (43.81cm) Wide ? 5.75" (14.47cm) High (including Feet) 16.25" (41.11cm) Deep
  • Weight: 35 Lb. (15.8 Kg)

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