In the center of the game
The PC 333D gaming headset is your gateway to a realistic 7.1-multichannel game sound experience.

Designed for immersive gaming, this headset gives you a much deeper audio experience by adding directional sound. That’s because Sennheiser has teamed up with Dolby® to deliver Dolby® Headphone and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx. With the slide of a button, your audio experience will go from stereo to full 7.1 channel Dolby® surround sound, allowing you to pinpoint where even the slightest sounds are coming from. Not just from the left or right, but from seven different directions. It’s the difference between hearing the game and being in the center of the action.

Superior sound
The Dolby® system embedded in the PC 333D’s USB sound adapter also ensures that you are no longer dependent on your PC’s on-board sound card for superior audio quality. The headset’s built-in sound card gives your game the audio boost it deserves – and you the edge of being in the center of the game, wherever you take your headset.

Like the high-rating PC 330, the PC 333D includes some extremely gamer-friendly features, including a closed- acoustic design to keep you gaming in private. What’s more, the “DJ Hinge” lets you flip up the entire right ear cup, so you can carry out conversations with teammates while you still keep one ear on the game. 

Swift control
Thanks to close cooperation with top e-sports team mTw, we have also built the volume control into the right ear cup – unlike other headsets which feature it far down on the cable. This means you have more intuitive, and therefore quicker and easier, access to controlling the sound.

To provide you with full control of your gaming audio, the PC 333D also features Sennheiser’s automatic mute function, so you can mute the microphone simply by raising the boom arm.


  • Pinpoint the directions of where shots are coming from
  • Block out external noise
  • Lets you flip up one ear cup


  • More spacious sound field – 7.1 channel surround sound powered by Dolby® Headphone and Dolby® Pro Logic® IIx to accurately pinpoint opponents from all directions in the gamescape
  • Superb Sennheiser stereo sound – Sennheiser quality speakers deliver great acoustic performance with all your games
  • Great for LAN gaming – the on-the-ear, closed-acoustic design of the XL ear cups blocks out noise around you for hyper-realistic gaming with total immersion
  • DJ Hinge – for quick talk with teammates
  • Noise canceling clarity – the professional microphone reduces ambient noise for crystal-clear conversations without the need to shout
  • Intuitive design and automatic microphone mute – the volume control is integrated on the right ear cup, and you can mute the microphone by raising the boom arm
  • Essential extra – supplied with a protective carrying pouch
  • 2-year warranty

Delivery Includes

  • PC 333D headset
  • 7.1 USB sound card
  • USB extension cable
  • Auto driver CD
  • Quick Set-up Guide
  • Protective carrying pouch
Wearing style Headband, double-sided
Cable length 2m + 0.3m + 1.2m (headset + 3D G4ME1 USB soundcard + USB extension cable)
Connector 2 x 3.5mm + USB for desktop/laptop
Weight 255 g
Headphone design On-the-ear, closed acoustic design
Frequency response 14 – 22000 Hz
Impedance 32 Ω
Sound pressure level (SPL) 112 dB
Frequency response 70 – 15000 Hz
Microphone Noise Cancelling
Impedance 2 kΩ
Sensitivity as per 121 TR 9-5 -38 dBV/Pa
3D G4ME1 Soundcard
Operating system Microsoft Windows® XP 32/64bits with Service pack 2 or above, Microsoft Windows® Vista 32/64bits, Microsoft Windows® 7 32/64bits
USB port USB 2.0

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