RT11 Tuner

For many music enthusiasts there is still a place for a more traditional stereo tuner. The RT-11 offers very high performance reproduction of both FM and DAB+ broadcasts and provides a perfect solution for those who simply need a great sounding radio. 

While the RT-11 is a traditional tuner, that doesn’t mean it misses out on our 12 Series commitment to extracting the best possible audio performance and the largest selection of music. So the RT-11 benefits in exactly the same manner as its siblings from the careful selection of every critical component and from the full energy of our global product development network.


  • Model RT-11
  • FM Tuner -
  • Usable Sensitivity 22.2dBf
  • 50dB Quieting Sensitivity 27.2dBf (mono)
  • Signal to Noise Ratio (at 65 dBf) 63dBf (mono) 60dBf (stereo)
  • Harmonic Distortion (at 65 dBf) 0.2% (mono) 0.3% (stereo)
  • Frequency Response 10Hz-15kHz, ±3dB
  • Stereo Separation (100/1kHz/10kHz) 40dB/45dB/35dB
  • Output Level 1.0V
  • Antenna Input 75Ω unbalanced
  • DAB+ Tuner -
  • Sensitivity -80dBm
  • Tuning Range Band III 174-240MHz
  • Audio Data Rate 320Kbps (Max)
  • Frequency Response 20 - 20KHz +/- 1.0dB
  • Analogue Output 2.1V at 0dBFS
  • Antenna Input 75Ω F connector
  • Networks N/A
  • Network Connection -
  • Security -
  • File Formats (UPnP Music Server) -
  • General -
  • Power Consumption 10Watts
  • Standby Power Consumption (Normal Mode) 0.5Watts
  • Power Requirements (AC) 120V, 60Hz (USA) 230V, 50Hz (Europe)
  • Weight (Net) 4.3kgs (9.48 lbs)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 430 x 73 x 330mm (17 x 2 7/8 x 13 ins)
  • Front Panel Height
  • 60mm (2 3/8 ins)
  • Finishes Black, Silver

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