RD 100

DAC The RD-100 is the latest addition to our Reference Series of products. This DAC however is not your ordinary DAC. It features...

Brand Vitus Audio
Type DAC
Tags Analog, DAC, Digital, USB

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  • RD 100

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The RD-100 is the latest addition to our Reference Series of products. This DAC however is not your ordinary DAC. It features true analog inputs and a volume control. The RD-100 also uses the typical modular topology that is being used in our other products.

This modular topology offers a future proof product, that can always be upgraded to our latest technology. Pushing the envelope of achievable sound quality.

When we designed the RD-100 we took advantage of the success of the SCD-010 technology. We optimized every aspect of its design to be able to fit it into the smaller chassis, and match the lower price range of the Reference Series. Still pushing the performance to the next level,above the SCD-010. (The SCD-010 has been replaced by the SCD-025 in august 2012).

As something new – we have included two analog inputs– one single ended and one balanced. These analog inputs are kept in the analog domain and not converted to the digital domain, as with some other similar products. When the analog inputs are selected – the full digital part of the DAC is shut down so no digital noise is picked up by the delicate analog signals.

We have implemented an new version of our relay based volume control, to complete the analog part of the RD-100. This makes the RD-100 a perfect analog line stage on top of its digital functions. The analog volume controls also functional when the digital inputs are used. The volume control in the RD-100 can be bypassed when theRD-100 is combined with an external line stage like the RL-101.


  • Analog Volume Control
  • 2 analog in
  • Digital in
  • USB in
  • 11kg

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