RA-1572 MKII Integrated Amplifer - Silver

Rotel RA-1572 Integrated Amplifier is one of the best examples of melding classic analog design with contemporary digital circuits to bring all of...

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  • RA-1572 MKII Integrated Amplifer - Silver
  • RA-1572 MKII Integrated Amplifer - Silver

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Rotel RA-1572 Integrated Amplifier is one of the best examples of melding classic analog design with contemporary digital circuits to bring all of your sources to life with surpassing fidelity.

As is typical of Rotel amplifiers, the RA-1572’s circuitry draws on a high capacity power supply based on a Rotel custom designed and in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformer. In addition to providing an abundance of voltage and current for all operating stages, the transformer’s toroidal shape helps prevent stray radiation patterns from corrupting audio signals as they pass through adjacent circuit stages. Subsequent power supply segments built with tight-tolerance parts including T-Network capacitors provide the exact voltage and current requirements to ensure stress-free signal reproduction.


  • Oversized Toroidal Transformer
  • 32-bit / 768 kHz AKM digital-to-analog converter
  • USB input
  • Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad USB playback
  • Bluetooth aptX Technology
  • Coaxial and Optical Inputs
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • Class AB output stage
  • MM Phono Input


The RA-1572’s input section is substantially more flexible than that found in most integrated amplifiers. In recognition of the predominance of digital sources available today, the RA-1572 has a built-in state of the art 32-bit/768kHz AKM digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and analogue stages of the highest quality. The DAC and surrounding circuitry supports a vast array of source inputs including DSD capable PC-USB (32-bit/384kHz). A front panel USB input is provided for easy connection of a wide variety of music storage devices including Apple iPods, iPhones, and iPads. The Bluetooth input supports aptX for superior performance with compatible devices. In addition, two each coaxial (RCA) and optical (TOSlink) inputs provide easy connections for LPCM music sources including popular streaming devices with up to 24-bit word lengths sampled at 192 kHz. Importantly, it is possible to fix the level and set an auto-on option with digital inputs for use with devices that provide their own volume control for convenient “hands-off” use. Analogue inputs include a pair of balanced XLR connectors in addition to conventional RCA jacks.

The Class AB output stage uses discrete devices to ensure precise reproduction of all signals regardless of origin with virtually any loudspeaker. The power output, conservatively rated at a robust 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, is substantial as it is a continuous “both channels driven simultaneously” rating – fully in keeping with real-world requirements and Rotel’s tradition of providing extraordinary value. A mono subwoofer output is also provided.

User conveniences include two 12-volt triggers to control on/off operation of other components, a highly visible VFD display for set-up, internet-based software updates, as well as RS232 and IP control capabilities.




Power Amplifier Speaker Channels Stereo
Frequency Response Phono: 20 Hz - 20 kHz | Line Level: 10 Hz - 100 kHz | Digital: 10 Hz - 95 kHz
Watts RMS per Channel (8 Ω) 120 Watts
Input Sensitivity Phono (MM): 2.1 mV | Line Level (RCA): 270 mV | Line Level (XLR): 440 mV | Digital: 0 dBFs
Input Impedance Phono (MM): 47k Ω | Line Level (RCA): 100 kΩ | Line Level (XLR): 50 kΩ | Digital: 75 Ω
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Phono (MM): 80 dB | Line Level: 100 dB | Digital: 100 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.03%
Phono Input 1 Pair
XLR Input 1 Pair
RCA Input 3 Pair
Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
Optical Digital Inputs 2
USB B Ports 1
Preamp Outputs 1 Pair | 2 Sub Out
RS-232 Port Yes
12V Trigger 2 Out

Warranty: Australian Manufacturers Warranty

Product Dimension (H×W×D) 144 x 431 x 358 mm
Product Weight 13 Kg

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