R7 MK2 High Fidelity Radiogram White

High Fidelity Radiogram “As a boy I can vividly remember listening to my grandmother’s much loved radiogram” Back then radiograms were crafted as...

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  • R7 MK2 High Fidelity Radiogram White
  • R7 MK2 High Fidelity Radiogram White
  • R7 MK2 High Fidelity Radiogram White

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High Fidelity Radiogram

“As a boy I can vividly remember listening to my grandmother’s much loved radiogram”

Back then radiograms were crafted as fine furniture as well as a source of entertainment and my grandmother’s unit was a prime example that took pride of place in her front room. I'm sure that it was this unit’s beautiful sound that nurtured my interest in audio, but moreover music has been my enduring passion and it was this passion that led to my father and I forming Ruark Acoustics in 1985 with the aim to design and produce hi-fidelity loudspeaker systems for audio enthusiasts.

Almost 30 years on, our passion continues, except in 2004 with a changing market we made a radical decision to diversify from our speaker heritage and apply our skills to design a range of quality compact audio systems. Since launching in 2006 our models have quickly become regarded as the finest available with the Sunday Telegraph memorably describing our R1 as “the Aston Martin of DAB radios”, but beyond these products I've long held a desire to create a product that pays homage to the radiograms of the past but with design and technology that brings the ideology completely up to date!

Taking over three years to develop, R7 is the realisation of this dream! R7 is totally new and totally unique, but like my grandmother’s radiogram we believe we've created a special product that will be treasured by a new generation for years to come.

Alan O‘Rourke | Ruark Founder & Managing Director

the radiogram redefined

At Ruark Audio we are driven to design products that customers will love to use and cherish. Inspired by 60s contemporary design, the R7 is our latest iconic piece. With stunning looks and amazing audio quality, it’s a revolutionary music centre in the true spirit of the classic radiogram, which we guarantee will reignite your passion for music and radio.

"Delivers a remarkably powerful and pleasing sound" ~ Hi-Fi Choice Recommended

Based on the trademark design cues which make our products instantly recognisable, with R7 we've created an object which will enhance your life and home! In a recent article the Telegraph Magazine said said “the R7 doesn't blend into the furniture: you’d happily design your entire living room around it”! This is exactly the response we were anticipating, but for us this is only the beginning, as the true beauty of R7 is revealed in its majestic sound that will have you rediscovering the joys of your music collection and radio all over again.

"the R7 doesn’t blend into the furniture: you’d happily design your entire living room around it" ~ Telegraph Magazine


To create R7’s wonderful sound we've used the skills from our long audio heritage. As an example, the fine furniture grade cabinet has been carefully tuned and optimised to provide a solid low colouration housing for our drive units and electronics.

At its centre and crafted from aluminium and glass, is the heart of R7. With DAB/DAB+/FM and internet tuners, R7 is capable of receiving radio stations globally. Our slick slot loading CD, plays both standard and MP3 disks and for customers wishing to stream music, R7 also features Bluetooth and DLNA Wi-Fi.

For such a beautiful piece of equipment we felt it was important to provide a readout display of equal quality. Cool and stylish, our ultra black high contrast fluorescent display makes reading source information clearly legible, even from afar.

R7 features our new 'radio link' RotoDial remote control which allows all sources and functions to be accessed with ease. With RF communication, this new remote does not need to be aimed during operation and so can operate R7 whilst sited on a table or even from an adjoining room. Also for convenience we've provided discrete buttons on the front panel of R7, so if the remote is not to hand, then R7 can still be operated and controlled.

R7 can easily become the sound source for all your audiovisual needs. With switchable analogue and digital inputs, devices such as a TV, DVD player or games console can be easily connected, for a sound that will make your viewing and gaming all the more realistic and enjoyable. Also coming later this year is a swivel TV mount and adjustable shelf system, which attaches securely to the fixing points on the rear of R7 . Full details about this stylish addition to R7 will be featured on our website soon.

On the rear panel we've included a USB charge port which will charge your Smartphone or Tablet whether R7 is in active or standby mode. This feature is particularly useful to maintain the charge of such devices when streaming to R7 as battery life can quickly deplete when using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi over extended periods.

R7 features aptX® audio coding technology that partners with Bluetooth® so compatible devices can stream to R7 with audio quality virtually indistinguishable from a wired connection. An increasing number of computers and handheld devices are now loaded with aptX® as standard, but with or without, sound quality over Bluetooth with R7 is impressive.

With our hi-fidelity heritage we understand how vital amplifier and loudspeaker design is, when it comes to attaining the best sound quality. Painstakingly developed, R7 features a high capacity power supply coupled to linear Class A-B discrete component amplifiers. With a combined nominal power rating of 160 watts, R7 is a powerful device and sound is reproduced with effortless ease.

For optimal stereo performance we've developed new dual concentric drivers for R7. These provide a realistic soundstage and allow a wide and smooth frequency response. Enhancing further the performance of R7 is an integrated active subwoofer. Whichever your choice of music, you'll be amazed at R7’s bass performance that underpins and adds enjoyment to every piece of music played.

"Boasts everything you could need and want in a hi-fi system for your home, including flawless sound quality and stylish, stunning looks" ~ StupidDope R7 Review

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