LAB12 PRE1 Class A Tube Preamplifier

Designed & Handcrafted in Greece

When the musical vibrancy and sparkling audio energy are properly in harmony, only then can a pure Class A tube preamplifier deliver unsurpassed sonic performance.

There is no doubt that the preamplifier is the heart of any high-end audio system and Lab12 Pre1 was designed from ground up as a high-performance preamplifier that can easily serve both solid state and tube power amplifiers.

We didn’t cut corners at any step of the design and despite Pre1’s affordable price, it can undeniably infuse a purity of music energy into any power amplifier whilst conveying an organic, transparent and highly involving sound performance.

Pre1 operates with a pure tube heart. A pair of matched 6922 tubes and a special gain circuit allow you to rediscover your music. Lab12’s unique four stage regulated solid state power supply offers state of the art filtering with tremendous power reserve, ready to serve most demanding dynamic shifts in the music, ensuring you feel and connect with the entire performance.

Pre1 was designed as true dual-mono preamplifier with our propriety Fine Symmetry® and SRSG® topology implemented at every stage.

Countless hours of listening and careful selection of high-quality audiophile electronic components reveal the Pre1’s rich, dynamic, transparent and high-definition sound that exceeds what even we thought possible at this price.

Pre1 embraces our love and respect for music in the best possible way by preserving the music’s purity and adding as little of its own character as possible. This is the preamplifier that will capture the minds and hearts of even the most discerning audiophiles.

As all Lab12 products, Pre1 also comes with two color choices of glass blasting anodizing finish.



  • Remote control
  • Toroidal power transformer
  • Blue Velvet ALPS potentiometer
  • No feedback design
  • SRSG® implementation
  • Fine symmetry® implementation
  • 1-minute warm up time
  • 5mm Aluminum face panel
  • Five Years Guarantee



  • Power: 230VAC 50Hz (115VAC 60Hz)
  • Power consumption: 80 VA max
  • Frequency response: 5Hz to 200 kHz, +0-3dB
  • Distortion: 0.04% at 2V RMS output
  • Gain: 21dB
  • Signal to Noise ratio: 90dB
  • Maximum output: 14V RMS
  • Input impedance: 50K ohm
  • Output impedance: 900 ohm
  • Tube complement: 2x E88CC dual triodes
  • Inputs: 5x line stereo (RCA connectors)
  • Preamp outputs: 2x line stereo (1x RCA connectors, 1x XLR connectors)
  • Available Colours: Matt Black, Frozen Silver
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 43x11x29 cm
  • Weight: 7 Kg


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