Audio Cable

The Prime M3 Interconnect cable begins with a simple extrusion of Polyethylene around the conductors.  The Prime M3 is a smaller diameter cable with a more neutral tonal balance.  It is also well matched with any consumer brand audio equipment.  The Prime M3 provides high-frequency extension with natural sounding high frequencies along with punch and detail in the mid-range and lower frequencies.  This is an interconnect cable with excellent resolution that can be used with a wide variety of audio components.

  • RCA (Torque-Lock™)
  • XLR
  • Anti-corrosion coated SA-OF8N® copper braided shield
  • Shielded
  • RSC® SA-OF8N® copper conductors.
  • Natural fiber spacers.

The RSC Prime audio cables use SA-OF8N copper conductors. (Super-Annealed, Oxygen-Free, Mono-Crystal, Frequency-Tuned, 8-Nines-99.999999% copper conductors) All cables have: hand-polished conductors and are handmade per order in Ashland, Oregon, USA. The RSC Prime - is lifetime guaranteed. The cables arrive in a poly bag with box.

      Please call 1300 668 398 for different sizes and XLR termination.

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