Speaker Cable

The RSC® Prime M2 is a traditional stereo loudspeaker cable, using the Gen 1 Rectangular Solid Core® conductors.  This design uses 2 of the Gen 1 conductors for the positive run, and another 2 Gen 1 conductors for the negative run.

The RSC® Prime M2 delivers clean and dynamic bass frequencies with a very open and natural sounding mid-range that is well extended into the high-Frequency ranges.

  • BSM (with 1/4” Spades or Bananas)
  • 14 gauge LF ~ HF conductor runs.
  • SA-OF8N® copper.
  • RSC® Gen 1 conductors.
  • Chemically stabilized polymers.
  • Single-run bi-wiring convenience.
  • Powerful bass weight with full range dynamics.
  • Articulate and detailed high frequencies.

The RSC Prime M2 cables use SA-OF8N copper conductors. (Super-Annealed, Oxygen-Free, Mono-Crystal, Frequency-Tuned, 8-Nines-99.999999% copper conductors) All cables have: hand-polished conductors and are handmade per order in Ashland, Oregon, USA. The RSC Prime M2 - is lifetime guaranteed. The cables arrive in a Mylar static bag, inside a TARA Labs box.

Please call 1300 668 398 for different sizes.

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