Pr. Apollo 8ft/2.4m Speaker Cable

The Apollo features two 14 AWG conductors each (+) and (-) conductor path consisting of seven SA-OF8N® "Pressure Grouped" solid core copper conductors. Each conductor run is finished by extruding a thin layer of SVPE™ primary dielectric. The Apollo S/C is terminated with a BSM. This enables the user to switch out termination and use either spades or bananas. The Apollo delivers live sound with solid bass, smooth highs and increased clarity.

  • BSM (1/4” Spades & Bananas)
  • Two 14 AWG conductors (+&-) Seven SA-OF8N
  • Extruded SVPE primary Dielectric
  • Live sound with solid bass
  • Smooth highs and increased clarity



Please call 1300 668 398 for different sizes.

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