New Revised Model

The new Nucleus retains the specs and passive cooling system of the original model but has a wider, deeper and shallower chassis. Other revisions include a second HDMI output and internal layout which now supports SATA drives up to 15mm deep instead of 9mm drives as before. Roon Nucleus is now also supplied in eco-friendly packaging.


Roon Labs is an independent software developer who was spun off of Meridian Audio in 2015. They initially created a music management system which is currently available by subscription. It works on a network to manage a music collection from varied connected sources. Known as the Core, this can be run from a Windows PC, a Mac, or a dedicated server.

A Step Further

Roon Labs has recently begun building hardware music servers. There are two models but we will focus on the Roon Nucleus, the first model. The Nucleus is designed to be the center of your networked music system. It is a smart piece of hardware that manages the music that is part of your life. It allows you to play your music on all connected audio devices around your home.

Once Roon Nucleus is plugged into your network with all music USB and hard drives connected, you will download and install the Roon remote applications across your network. These are available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS on your iPhone or iPad. Roon Nucleus is unique as it runs on Roon OS, an operating system that is lightweight and designed to do one thing only; play your music. Roon is an audio platform built with audiophiles in mind.

Developed in cooperation with Intel, Roon Nucleus is fanless and runs on an Intel i3 processor with 4 GB of RAM and a 128 GB Solid State Drive. Thus equipped, it is ready to service large music libraries and larger multi-room configurations in a speedy and efficient manner. The Nucleus acts as a Roon Server Core for your connected USB or Network Attached Storage devices. Loaded with Roon OS, it will boot up in a mere 1.8 seconds.

Roon Nucleus and You

The Roon Nucleus will not only manage your local music collection but it will give you access to an online music source. Tidal, a subscription based music streaming service, will give you admittance to over 52 million songs. This musical wealth is easily controlled by the versatile Nucleus. Whether viewed on a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android device, or an iPhone or iPad you will have an enhanced visual interface that will show you what you need to know about your music. Most importantly, it will play your music.

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