Roon is all the audiophile rage as the new digital front-end for your music collection.

This high-end experience is optimized from the ground up by the Roon Nucleus Plus music server. Customized for complex management of your library, this device powers the program that has quickly become a unique and valuable high-tech component of a comprehensive audio system.


The Roon Nucleus Plus is the hardware server offered by Roon Labs, creators of the software system Roon. The interface has a lot under the hood, housing front-end functionality that is fast becoming known as an exciting new way to explore music. 

Roon Labs has issued two editions of their customized server, a standard Nucleus model and the beefier Nucleus Plus. The Nucleus Plus music server is custom-built to optimize Roon to store and play your music collection across multiple zones and a wide variety of media and services as it “makes it all play nice together.”

The Nucleus Plus server offers twice the capacity than the standard edition, with less than twice the price. Such high performance provides all the horsepower an enthusiast needs for their greatest audio ambitions.

The Nucleus Plus Specs Scream Speed

While the standard Roon Nucleus comes with a respectable Intel Core i3 processor and 4GB of ram … the Nucleus Plus blasts off with 1.8 second boot startup carrying 8GB ram with a pretty-much-extreme Core i7 processor. The need for this power is in the librarian antics the software plays to locate, label and curate your collection—and play it wherever you want—and when. Roon’s high-octane software manipulations need room and computing power, and the Nucleus Plus delivers both in bespoke efficiency.

With the heavyweight Core of the Roon Nucleus Plus, the software searches for music throughout your home network, combining, indexing and collating the mass into an ordered map of your music collection. Roon then pulls relevant information together, using everything from online data to its own library of specially-licensed material. The system gathers the information to give you an ultimate, individualized information catalog about the artist and music. 

A New Era in Curation

Roon’s cataloging and recommendation functions are the services which spark so much talk about the need for a speedy server like the Roon Nucleus Plus. In addition, the storage capacity of the Roon Nucleus Plus can playfully manage over 12,000 album titles. 

The scope of Roon’s high-end Nucleus Plus server clearly offers more control and power than most will need, but even casual audiophiles are finding the Roon service an exciting innovation that adds to their music pleasure. It’s good to have room to grow without suffering audio limits, and the Nucleus Plus succeeds in this too. 

These capabilities don't come cheaply. Besides the significant upfront cost of the system there is also subscription involved, either an Annual Membership or a Lifetime membership, so budget-conscious buyers may wish to proceed with caution. But those who want to treat themselves to the best in audio adventure, or just value their time and collection too much to waste either, could consider the Roon Nucleus Plus server a serious investment. 

As the positive reviews pile up, the streaking speed of the Nucleus Plus is becoming a must-have component for high-performance enthusiasts and early adopters who know what they want: excitement. If you are an eager audiophile hopping a lift onboard Roon, the custom Nucleus Plus server is the way to travel.

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