Class AB Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth aptX , 2x60W (4Ω) MyAMP is a cleverly designed AB integrated amplifier that is built around an advanced...

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Class AB Integrated Amplifier with Bluetooth aptX , 2x60W (4Ω)

MyAMP is a cleverly designed AB integrated amplifier that is built around an advanced resonant mode power supply that provides 2 x 30W (8 ohms) and 2 x 60W (4 ohms) of clean power- together with tremendous dynamic range. Te MyAMP is also fitted with all the latest inputs: USB, Bluetooth aptX, Coaxial SPDIF and Optical Toslink.

MyAMP not only provides big HiFi system performance, but can also be a great partner for your TV, computer or smart device.

The MyAMP is a radical design incorporating advanced technologies: ‘LLC’ Resonant PSU, Ultra low noise (12.8dB max) Forced-Convection cooling system, 256 step control 0.5dB Resistive network analogue volume control and, the latest state-of-art IC’s and high quality passive components. The D/A converter used in the MyAMP is a 24 bit ESS Sabre Hyperstream™ DAC- recognized as one of the finest D/A converters.

MyAMP only measures 140 x 140 x 75mm (W x D x H) and weighs just 1kg. It is available in Black or white finish. The casing is made from non-conductive & low resonant ABS plastic. ABS casinghas NO influence on High Frequency circuitry, provides total electrical isolation from mains power and has very low susceptibility to external vibration.

The MyAMP’s features a Class AB power amplification section. The power output is 2x 30W (8Ω) and 2x 60W (4Ω) with capability to deliver high dynamic power,
to easily accommodate transient peaks and drive a variety of Loudspeakers. The power supply is capable of delivering 200W continuous & 260W peak power with efficiency of 95%.
The MyAMP also has a built-in headphone amplifier with independent volume control.

The MyAMP has 3 analogue inputs and 3 digital inputs; Optical & Coaxial SPDIF and USB. Input switching is via FET buffered relays for very low interference from other sources connected to the amplifier. There is also subwoofer (filtered to 400Hz) and record outputs. 

In addition to a compact IR remote control, 12V trigger and RC5 (wired remote control) inputs are included for custom installation (home automation). 

Bluetooth aptX® for High-fidelity wireless streaming is a key feature of the MyAMP.

MyAMP Specifications

  • 3 x 1MΩ analog inputs to avoid loading on the source output stage.
  • 3x digital inputs : USB 24/96 kHz, Opto et COAX SPDIF 24/192 kHz.
  • Bluetooth APTX module.
  • Direct analog output.
  • SUB output..
  • Front panel Headphone output socket.
  • Tact switches to control input selection and volume.
  • 256 x 0.5dB steps volume control with led baragraph display and clipping indicator.
  • RC5 remote control handset with direct access to inputs.
  • 5-12V trigger input and remote control codes copy.
  • Classe AB power amplification stages featuring 2x30 W/8 Ω and 2x60 W/4 Ω.
  • Loudspeaker output binding posts for bananas, spades and lugs.
  • Resonant mode Micromega power supply 85 - 150 Vac or 180 - 265 Vac - 50-60 Hz bringing an incredible sonic performance.
  • Very low full band THD+Noise ≤ 0,01%.
  • IMD SMPTE Distorsion ≤ 0,01%.
  • Power bandwidth : 10 Hz – 100 kH ± 0,5 dB.
  • Signal to Noise ratio > 100 dB (pondéré A).
  • Textured ABS casing.
  • Available in two colors : White et Black.
  • Very low standby power consumption (<500 mW).
  • Unit meets most stringent regulations.

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