Muarah MT-2 Turntable with Pro-Ject S-Shape 9'' Tonearm + Connect It E Phono Cable


MT-2 has the most valuable features of MT1 but is much simpler and optimized in every detail. With MT1 shares Teflon bearing, multi layer acrylic main board and Muarah unique levelling system. Also the motor drive is of the same type: AC synchronous, but it’s now mounted in a separate heavy-weight housing in order to avoid vibrations. When put on sufficiently stiff and heavy stand made of concrete or thick wood it can results in vibration damping level close to MT1. MT2 is also more flexible in standard configuration thanks to easily adjustable arm board and can be equipped with many popular tonearms of effective length in 9 to 12” range. The platter is all acrylic 40mm thick and weights 3kg which is enough to ensure good level of RPM speed stability.



  • Solid construction, incl. platter weighting c.a. 3.5 kg, ensures great bass control, low distortion level and good rpm speed control.
  • Acrylic turntable base platform in „sandwich” construction – additional isolation from motor or environment originated vibrations.
  • Full – acrylic plater of 40mm thickness, resulting in good vibration damping and resonance elimination.
  • High quality synchronous motor built in heavy weight housing to eliminate vibrations.
  • Choice of two popular record rotary speeds: 33 1/3 or 45 rpm, manual change through the drive belt move on the pulley.
  • Precise and easy leveling mechanism featuring two rotating knobs.
  • Advanced bearing designed made for long life even w/o lubrication – including ceramic bearing, hardened steel shaft and Teflon bearing.
  • Easy adjustment of the tonearm mounting plate (and consequently tonearm pivot placement) from he main bearing pivot point in the range of +/- 8.5cm, ensures great compatibility with wide range of 9 to 12-inch tonearms.
  • MT-2 turntable is in standard configuration offered with popular tonearms from Jelco.
  • On customer's request we can offer free of charge adaptation plate for any 9-inch length tonearm. We recommend tonearms from reputable brands, such as: Jelco, SME, MORCH, REGA, CLEARAUDIO.
  • Wide range of compatible gives opportunity to experiment with selection of phono cartridges and sound of the entire system. 


    MT-2 turntable was created based on our great experience from building best in class turntables. In fact it is result of evolution of Muarah MT-1 towards some simplification but also with great functionality extension of the device. Unique solution is our arm-board with easy effective length change, enabling adaptation to wide range of tonearms of effective length from 9” to 12”. MT-2 is in standard offered with well known tonearms from Jelco – Japan brand, however it is possible to utilize many different tonearms from other brands.



    • Platter weight 3.5 kg
    • Total turntable weight (w/o tonearm) 11 kg
    • Width 47,5 cm (ramie 9”) / 54 cm (ramie 12”)
    • Depth 40 cm
    • Hight (w/o tonearm and record clamp) 17 cm
    • Platter height 4 cm
    • Record rotary speed supported 33 1/3 RPM / 45 RPM, manual change
    • Pivot to spindle distance range min. 210 / max. 295mm
    • Motor & drive transfer AC synchronous, rubber belt
    • Power source 230V, 50Hz


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