InWall Subwoofer & Amplifier System

Sunfire’s Anti-shake technology now in the HRS line

A 520 Watt vibration-free performance statement designed exclusively for In Wall applications

Powerful. Thoughtful. Formidable. That best describes the new Sunfire In Wall 8 Subwoofer System. Wrapped in a cabinet so thin and sophisticated that you can use every one of those Watts with virtually no mechanical vibration whatsoever. And bass performance that can play your movies, music and games with the kind of accurate reproduction that shows no favoritism. A ‘Credit Card’ Sized Remote Control with One-Button, Pre-Programmed Sound Modes is included.

What allows the Sunfire In Wall 8 to rock your world without rocking your drywall and your family’s nerves along with it - is an exclusive Sunfire technology called StillBass®. Originally designed for the unbridled power of the SubRosa, StillBass allows Sunfire to pack more power and performance into our In Wall subwoofers than any of those so-called ‘competitive’ products. And since the bass is what makes the biggest difference in your music, movies and games—we think the In Wall 8 System is a force you’ll delight reckoning with. Designed for easy retrofit mounting and the paintable, removable grill attaches flush with magnets. The HRS-IW8 Amp boasts 520 Watts RMS of power, can drive 2 of the HRS-IW8 Cabinets and includes the science of Sunfire's Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) for detailed fidelity playback for all source content.


  • Woofer 2 x 8"
  • Configuration Dual Active
  • Custom, High Excursion Woofer 
  • High Back-emf Design 
  • StillBassTM Anti-Shake 


  • Power Output 520 Watts RMS
  • Tracking DownconverterTM Power Supply 
  • Soft Clipping Circuitry 


  • Auto Turn-On 
  • Auto Room EQ -
  • Microphone -
  • Level Control 
  • Crossover Adjustment 30-100Hz inf. var.
  • Crossover Bypass 
  • Phase Adjustment 0-180° inf. var.


  • Gold Plated Connections 
  • XLR Input 
  • RCA Inputs/Outputs 2/2
  • Speaker Level Inputs 
  • Detachable Power Cord 
  • International Voltage Selection 
  • 12V Trigger Input 
  • Removable IEC Cord 


  • Finish Black
  • Trim Ring -
  • Grille Magenetic

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